Monday, June 19, 2017

full time

i'm going on three weeks at my new job and
it still feels... new.
i'm a little more comfortable with the actual work
and for the most part, it seems pretty straight forward.
there are a lot of summer events that i wasn't expecting,
(code for nights and weekends, blah)
but i see a lot of room for growth and i'm getting
to learn a lot of new things too.
i'm in charge of the website, social media, blog and signage.
i'm pretty sure i'll stay busy.

the kids are still adjusting to life as full-time students.
brette still asks if she has to go to school and reid
cries every morning when i drop her off.
it's not my favorite.
i think they're learning a lot and doing lots
of fun activities, so that makes me feel better.
it's got to be more fun than hanging around
the house all day while i clean and do laundry.
ps- i went to brette's classroom for her birthday
last week and they all went around and told me
how old they - - every single kid in her
class is five going on six. 
my kid started in this classroom at THREE.
i wonder if they think she's stupid because
i KNOW they have know things that she's still learning.
it makes me nervous for her.
but i'm hoping being around a bunch of big kids
helps her in the end.  it's like having a ton of mentors.
right? right.
ok, good.

a n y w a y,
the hardest part of my day is 4:30 to 6:00.
we have our mornings mastered.
i get up and get ready before either of them awake,
so all i have to do is get them dressed and out the door.
we normally leave the house around 7:30 and i
make it to work a little before 8:00.
it's super nice that everything is less than 10 minutes away. 
BUT, the afternoons are hard.
the first few days they were crying the whole way home.
they were tired, plus hungry and thirsty.
since then, i've been packing drinks and snacks that
i keep in the fridge at work and before i leave for the day
i grab them for the girls.
it's made the ride home a lot better.
but still, once we get home they're a mess.
they want to be held and they want dinner and
they want to play and they want drinks and they
want. want. want.
there have been several nights where someone is
clinging to my leg crying while i'm cooking something
on the stove.  good times.
i normally turn on the tv and try to distract them
for 30 minutes while i get dinner ready.
(ps- i've been doing really well about prepping the
majority of meals on sunday and all i have to do
is throw everything together at night.) 
after they've eaten, things are much better.
we go outside to play or go upstairs in the playroom.
ronnie's home by dinner, so i also have another set of hands.
tonight, ronnie did the dishes while i folded a load of clothes.
i know he's not a fan of getting home from work and
doing chores, but WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD.
and then every night i lay out their clothes school,
i fill up sippy cups for the next morning and i pack my lunch.
this makes my mornings super easy.
for the last two weeks i've been cleaning house on friday night.
its the one thing i haven't quite figured out.
when do normal people clean?
it can't be friday nights...
but i never feel like doing it during the week and i refuse to
waste my weekends doing it, so finally on friday night
i'm forced to get it done.
weird, right?
send suggestions on when to clean or what
you all do because its the one thing i haven't fit in my schedule very well.

overall, it's still a huge adjustment for all of us but
so far i think we're doing okay.
the first few days were rough for me and i
felt really sad that i wasn't with the girls, but
i'm actually really happy with this change and
i think we're all going to be a lot better off in the end.

ps- those of you that worked full-time
with little babies - i can't imagine.
literally, can't.

pss- i have another post coming soon.
brette's 4th birthday luau!

Monday, June 12, 2017

my moneymaker turns four

i couldn't let this day go by without saying
a little something about my BMoney.
i think four is going to be one of my favorite ages.
things are starting to seem a little bit easier. finally.
my friends texted happy birthday wishes for her, and
one said, "you are sweet, gorgeous, feisty and hilarious."
then my other friend chimed in and said,
"you forgot bossy!"
which is totally the perfect description of my little one.
my little mouthy, totally hilarious child.

since i had to work on her actual birthday,
my parents came up and spent the day with all four girls.
i can't imagine brette would be happier doing anything else
than spending the day with mimi, papa and her cousins.
they had a picnic, went to the splash pad and filled up our backyard pool.
i'm positive she had a great day without me.
i tried to make the weekend special to help celebrate.
i decorated the house and hung streamers from her door.
we went to the donut shop. (she told me she like the
donuts better at the gas station where daddy takes her. eye roll.)

we went swimming with kassie, chris and elle and both her
and reid went down the water slide, which they loved.

but better than anything, ronnie and cale spent
building her a huge new playset.
i actually feel really bad because they literally worked
on this monster from 9am-5pm both saturday and sunday.
not a great weekend for them.

but we ended up with this and
the girls love it.
ps- do not expect your four-year-old to understand
that this is her gift. you should definitely also have
something for her to open or she will say,
"its not her birthday without presents."
i know this from personal experience.
(all the stuff i ordered online didn't go through so all her other gifts
aren't going to be her until tomorrow and brette kept
wondering where her presents were.
i MIGHT have sent ronnie to the store for something super fast just
so she could actually OPEN one thing today.)

we didn't get rid of our wood (yet) or do
much of anything else to clean up the backyard, so
unfortunately its not going to be pristine for her bday
party on saturday, but ronnie likes to
remind me i'm crazy about stupid stuff.
we're having a luau theme.
brette and madeline wanted moana, so instead of
doing a character, i thought it would be more fun
(and cuter) to do an island theme.
i bought leis, grass skirts, tiki torches and flowers.
i think the girls will love it.
it feels so crazy to have a FOUR YEAR OLD,
and at the same time, it feels oddly perfect.
Happy Birthday, Brette Annaleigh!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

all the fun things

i have a post coming about my new job
and how we've been surviving, but
i'm still knee deep in missing my kids and
just trying to get a handle on our new lives.
but there will be an update soon. promise.

lately, we've been heading out of town.
in the last two weekends we left lees summit 
to do something fun.
over memorial day weekend we took the camper
down to truman lake with a bunch of friends.
it's the same group as last year so brette
and reid are pretty much spoken for.
i literally ask at least 5 times a day where my kids are.
its weird to let them go off without me, but
they both absolutely love it and love all the kids
they get to hang out with.
the older girls always ask if they can watch brette and reid,
so its like having free babysitting built in.
reid DID NOT sleep with brette though.
thank god we packed the pack-n-play just in case.
she is not ready to be on her own. 
she plays and gets up and talks.
brette finally said - mom, you got to get her outta here.
so we separated them and they slept great the rest of the weekend.
we did have one minor setback - HAIL.
a huge storm came through with the biggest hail i've ever seen.
maybe i feel this way because listening to hail in a camper
is extra loud, but i still think it was crazy.
we had friends with windows busted out, lots of damage to all 
our vehicles and holes in campers.
luckily, ronnie and i escaped with the least amount of damage.
my yukon is in the shop right now getting it all fixed and
we're still waiting to hear back on the camper, but
nothing actually broke so i'm grateful. 




last weekend we drove down to leeton, 
a small town outside of warrensburg. 
we have a group of friends that live down there and 
they put on a fair.
we met my mom and dad, who were watching madeline and eden.
the girls had the best time.
they're little dare devils. 
no one was scared of anything.
it freaked me out.
reid was hilarious to watch.
i'm pretty sure i could put her on a roller coaster and 
she would laugh her head off.
my parents took all the kids home for bed and 
ronnie and i stayed out for the band and beer gardens.
(bad decision. we should have gone home too.)
i felt like crap the next day, but
we had fun.




this weekend we're staying home.
we have a friend who might come pick up a load
of all our wood and
ronnie and cale are going to try to get brette's 
swing set put together for her birthday.
i'm excited to get our backyard in order.

have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

my favorite things

i have a few items i've been either using for years
or just recently found, that i feel the need to share.

you guys, they are
l i f e   c h a n g i n g.

first, i have to let you know about a brush.
i know you're thinking i'm crazy but
we have labled this "the magic brush" in 
our house because that's how i feel about it.
please, if you have long hair or little kids that
hate having their hair brushed out please do yourself
a favor and immediately go buy yourself a
it's the best thing that's happened to me in the last 6 months.

there are two items to my make-up bag i've
added in the last year, that i also love.
first, is the NYX wonder stick.
if you're a reader of the daybook, then
you might already know about this.
i heard about it through her and decided to give it a try.
i really like that it lets me try contouring in
the most basic and easy way.
draw your lines, blend and you're done.
i buy the "universal" color but they also have
light, medium and dark as options.
and the second is an eyebrow pencil.
i'm probably the last person on earth who
still chose to ignore their eyebrows. 
i never get them waxed, i semi-regularly pluck them,
but nothing fancy.
i decided to try to actually care for them and 
even, gasp, buy an eyebrow pencil.
since i'm new to this, you might have better suggestions for me
but right now i'm digging the 
i get the dark brunette color.
i'm telling you - filling your brows changes your whole look.
it's like mascara to me now and i
don't leave home without it.

in the summer the girls and i are running
in and out all the time so i like to find easy
shoes that we can take on and off really quickly.
and i like them to be where the girls can put them on themselves.
for the girls, my go-to is always old navy jelly sandals.
they're on sale right now. go get a pair.

for me, i just bought myself some birkenstocks.
can you believe they're back in style?
only took 15 years.
but they really are comfortable and 
i can throw them on in 2 seconds.

another thing that has made my life so easy
are ready-made salad bags.
i know i've written about these before, but
i always have one in my fridge.
they're so good and you can have a 
"veggie" ready in less than 5 minutes.

and last, but not least are kitchen scissors.
this might have been the thing that changed my life the most.
do you have a pair with your knife set?
are they just sitting there getting old and dirty?
if you have kids, bust them out and USE THEM.
every food your kid eats normally has to be cut up and
hello, scissors make the job so much faster and easier.
pizza, waffles, hamburgers, sasuage, hot dogs, grapes.
i literally have two pair because if one is dirty, i
feel lost without it.
for all those moms with toddlers, meet your new best friend-
who knew.

i hope you found something useful in this list.
and if you have any suggestions for me,
send them my way.
i'm always looking for the next great thing to
make life a little bit easier.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

the last two weeks

i never got around to my weekly recap.
probably because i spend most of my time
thinking about how much i need to get done in the
next two weeks before my full-time gig starts.
but we've actually had a fun few weeks over here.
1- garth brooks concert.

2- campering down in bennett springs.

3- brette's field trip to deanna rose.

4- finishing the mud bench! (finally)

5- mother's day at my grandma's farm.

6- starting on outdoor house projects.

here's a little run down...
1- garth was amazing. 
literally the best. concert. ever.
i went with my besties, just like we did 10 years ago.
we might have drank too much, but
i'm pretty sure that's whats supposed to happen when
a group of 30-something moms go out for the night.
(raise the roof)

and 10 years ago...

2- we plan a little weekend trip down to bennett a few months
ago with the turnbow's.
we used to do a lot more with them when they lived in lee's summit,
so it was nice to spend a few days together with our girls.
bennett was really pretty and i'd love to go back next year,
but maybe stay inside the park next time.
brette loved going fishing and reid basically tried to play
in the river the whole time, but still... good times.

3- brette had her end of the year field trip to deanna rose.
i didn't get to go this time because it fell on a friday.
i was a little sad to miss it, but brette came home really
excited about getting to ride the bus.
i really think the school could just rent a bus, take her 
for a spin and she'd think it was the best day ever.
summer session starts on june 2nd and that's
when both girls will be going together.
i can't believe i'm going to be taking a "first day of preschool"
picture of reid in a few weeks. 

4- ronnie finished the mud bench.
i know.
i can't believe it either.
i think he was shooting for mother's day. (eye roll)
but it was still missing hooks until just a few days ago.
i haven't "styled" it yet, but it's definitely already being used.
(and by styled, i mean, add bins to the top shelf.  but let's be honest,
it's mostly going to consist of pink bags and coats.)
i really love it and i think it will make grabbing everything i need 
 to get out the door a lot easier in the mornings.
ronnie's just glad to get it over with.

remember before? ew.

5- obviously it was mother's day last sunday and we managed
to swing by my grandma's on our way home from bennett.
i didn't think we'd make it, but we left town earlier than i thought.
we've been doing this the last few years and i really love that i can
be with my kids, my mom and she can be with her mom all 
at the same time.
i'm pretty sure it's the perfect mother's day recipe.

6- and finally, since our mud bench is DONE,
we can now focus some of our free time on the outside.
last week i painted our adirondack chairs, so we
could actually use them and not be embarrassed.
we've had them for a long time and we've only
painted them once.
they were looking really grungy.
my next project is to stain our railing and deck.
it desperately needs some loving.
our deck looks gross. 
we haven't treated it since we've lived here and i don't
think it has been done in awhile.
it's going to suck, but it's at the top of my list.
i'll get some before and after pictures when its all done.
we also had another tree fall down this week from
a big storm that blew through.
we've started cutting it up, but its a long way from finished.
we had originally planned to take a weekend and do a
bunch of these projects all at once.
like staining and white wash our brick, but now
that i don't have as much
time with the girls, i don't know if i still want to send them 
to mimi and papa's for the weekend.
that might get postponed again. 
ronnie wanted to cut down a few more trees too, but
i don't really know what his plans are for how and when
that's all getting done.

we have a busy summer coming up with lots of little
weekend trips away, so i know we won't get as much 
done as we think we can.
somehow the time slips away and our list keeps growing.

i'm sure everyone is gearing up for summer and 
getting ready for lots of outdoor time.
now we just need a little bit warmer weather...

oh and one last picture.
i forgot to mention, i had my brother's girls for 
the day last weekend and that's always a good time.