Monday, July 16, 2018

almost there

***so i wrote this on friday and never posted it.***

it's moving weekend!

our house is not completely done, but
it's close enough that we can live there.
we still need to stone the fireplace and
tile the master bathroom floor and shower,
but hey, who needs those things?

if you recall we moved to warrensburg over
easter weekend - - the first of april and
here we are, mid-july and just now actually getting to
live in our house.
i plan to sleep there sunday night.

here's a little peak inside.
before we load our crap in.
before our dogs pop the floor.
before the juice gets spilled.
here's our house before life happens.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

brette turns five

i've been meaning to write a little post about brette
and her birthday, but her festivities lasted all month, 
so i've waited until all our celebrating was done. 

we started off her birthday with a family dinner.
we met my brother and his girls, with my parents in 
lee's summit at brette's favorite pizza place. 

her actual birthday fell on a tuesday so she had school,
but her teacher invited me to come join the class for a
special presentation on brette's life and then i read her 
class a story because they don't allow parents to bring in treats anymore.
wah wah.
i did make her some rice crispy treats though for that evening, 
just as she requested instead of birthday cake. 

the week after her birthday, as a gift, we took her to a royals game.
reid had never been and i thought brette would like that as a gift.
it was blazing hot, but our seats were in the shade and as long
as we kept the drinks and snacks coming, the girls didn't complain. 

somewhere in here, brette had a doctors appointment for her
five year well-check.
we changed doctor's offices now that we've moved to the burg and
 we're going to one of my best friends in warrensburg.
i've known him since i was a toddler and it's so funny
that he's now our family doctor. 
brette knows him so she wasn't as nervous and he said
she seems happy and healthy and right on track.
she's 40 lbs and 41 inches tall. 
my baby has gotten so big. 
but she wrote our names for him and drew shapes,
hopped on one foot and answered his questions.
basically, i was only there to watch and it was crazy to see just
how grown up she seems.
(insert cry emoji)
and then finally two weeks after her actual birthday, we found
the time to have a little party with her friends from school.
her class has like 9 kids in it, so its the perfect little size for a party.
we invited everyone to the splash pad for pizza and cake.
such an easy party and brette loved life. 

so here we are, entering july and we can finally call brette's
birthday over, but no worries, i get to start celebrating ronnie 
next week and reid two weeks after that. 
my family was literally all born within a few weeks of each other.
makes for an eventful summer. 

ps- still not living in the house,
but flooring starts tomorrow.
i. can't. wait.

Monday, June 4, 2018

heading into summer

we've been pretty busy recently.

mother's day with family

campering for memorial day weekend

brette graduated from pre-k

moms night out

work picnic

and a fair.

lots of fun stuff and in between, ronnie is still
out at the house almost every night after work
trying to get stuff done.
i honestly don't even know what all he's doing,
but as long as i get to move in soon, i don't even care.
our painter started and he is close the having the basement done.
then he'll get started on the main floor. 
meanwhile, ronnie will need to tile the bathrooms and 
redo the fireplace and mantle. 
then the last step, flooring!
i'll take pics over the weekend of the basement and
share them soon. 
it looks SO GOOD with the white trim.
i'm getting really excited to decorate and buy some new furniture too.
i've been busy looking online, but it's so hard to actually
purchase something without the space being done.

either way, the fact that we're close enough to start thinking 
about furniture is exciting to me. 

pics soon!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

progress in inches

so a lot has happened in three weeks!
are we moved in?
um, no.
are we close?
still a no.

BUT i feel like i can see light at the end of the tunnel.
sheet rock is done and cabinets are installed.
cale and ronnie have been working everyday on
getting all the trim in and the wood planking on the walls.
i made a (long) list for cale and slowly but surely 
he is working his way through.
they have to be completely done by monday, (memorial day)
because tuesday the house is getting a deep clean and
we are handing it over to the PAINTERS!
say whaaaa?!!
paint makes me feel VERY CLOSE.
ronnie still tells me we won't move in until july,
but i have high hopes for june 23rd as move in day.
we do have a bunch of little stuff to do, but
i'm hoping ronnie can get those done after work in the 
few weeks its being painted and floors go in. 
here's a few pictures of the progress.
mostly this is just proof that we have things like walls,
trim, hanging doors, closet shelves and cabinets. 
minor details.

and just to let you know,
i stepped on a nail last week at the house and put
it through my foot.
it was super painful - - only to be
followed up with a tetanus shot, which
also hurts like the dickens.
so yeah, both my left foot and left arm were
out of commission last week and i hated life. 
this house better be sweet. 

meanwhile - - did i tell you i put the girls in 
swim lessons this spring?
both kids are scared to put their face under water and 
i thought the sooner i get them in, the better.
i don't want a 7 year old scaredy cat. 
both girls LOVED it.
they asked to go all the time and loved telling
us about their progress. 
(which i have to say, was not a big change, but i'm 
going to keep signing them up in hopes that they
start feeling super comfortable in the water.)
but i need to add, i totally should have put reid in the next level
up where parents don't have to get in the pool with their kid.
turns out, a couple i went to high school with was there 
with their kid so every week, i'm like "oh hey, haven't seen you
in 15 years, don't mind me in my freaking swim suit!"
it was humiliating. 

(and i did make ronnie have a turn once.)

i promise to post again soon,
i have lots to catch up on like
pre-k graduation, mother's day,
and decoration ideas for the house.

soon, i swear.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

rock drop, music city

so a lot has happened since my last post.
the house is still in shambles, but ronnie and 
i stayed up until almost 3am last tuesday to 
get everything completed in order to hand over
the house to our sheet rock guy the next day.
since then, all the sheet rock is hung and he is 
working hard on all the mudding and taping. 
meanwhile, we are removing wallpaper from the 
basement and ripping up that carpet. 
cale is busy moving a couple windows and relocating
our fireplace in the living room.
it wasn't until much later in the demo process that we 
noticed the windows and fireplace were not centered in the room.
i was hoping to disguise it with curtains, but it was 
driving ronald crazy, so it's all coming down.

ok, so this pic is old because obviously we've removed that wall to the left.
BUT can you see how the fireplace does not line up with the center of the ceiling?
and how there is a lot more room to the left of the windows than on the right?
that's all getting aligned. 

this was the laundry closet. it is now studded in
and will be brette closet.
so the room you are looking into with the window, is brette's room.

this was walled off with a door down to the basement.
we have removed all the walls and will add a railing so it
feels more open.  you can also see at the bottom of the stairs how the 
wall has been removed. we will also add a railing down there, to
open the stairs to the basement rec room.

this is the master bedroom looking into the bath and closet.
we removed the fireplace (the hole in the wall) and everything
out of the bathroom so we could relocate the shower and add an extra closet.

this is looking into the garage from the family room.
you can see the floor that was laid for our new 
laundry/mud room.
this is an old pic, because we actually have walls up now.
so lots to do and finish up. 
let's just say, this house project is HUGE. 
after our rock guy is done, we move into trimming all
the doors and windows, install cabinetry and start 
tiling all the bathroom floors and showers. 
then paint.
and flooring.

i know we're so far away, but i like when i can list things like that.
it makes it feel doable. 

once we handed over the house to our rock guy, ronnie and i left 
for a long weekend away to nashville. 
a friend of ours turned 30 and we headed out of town to celebrate. 
it was good timing because there wasn't a lot we could do at the house 
and ronnie was getting a bit burned out spending every evening there
after putting in a full day at work. 
there were 7 of us that went and we rented a house, which
ended up being the perfect choice.
it was a great house and it let us all hang out together after
coming home from downtown nashville and gave us the option
to have a few meals at home.
i totally recommend traveling this way if you're going in a group. 
we spent our days on the pedal tavern, checking out the country
music hall of fame, the ryman and lots of bars filled with live music.
i swear, everyone is so talented. 

and now we're back. 
i've spend two nights already at our new house,
just mowing the yard and i'm going back tonight. 
i can't wait to move in and be done with this.