Monday, June 4, 2018

heading into summer

we've been pretty busy recently.

mother's day with family

campering for memorial day weekend

brette graduated from pre-k

moms night out

work picnic

and a fair.

lots of fun stuff and in between, ronnie is still
out at the house almost every night after work
trying to get stuff done.
i honestly don't even know what all he's doing,
but as long as i get to move in soon, i don't even care.
our painter started and he is close the having the basement done.
then he'll get started on the main floor. 
meanwhile, ronnie will need to tile the bathrooms and 
redo the fireplace and mantle. 
then the last step, flooring!
i'll take pics over the weekend of the basement and
share them soon. 
it looks SO GOOD with the white trim.
i'm getting really excited to decorate and buy some new furniture too.
i've been busy looking online, but it's so hard to actually
purchase something without the space being done.

either way, the fact that we're close enough to start thinking 
about furniture is exciting to me. 

pics soon!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

progress in inches

so a lot has happened in three weeks!
are we moved in?
um, no.
are we close?
still a no.

BUT i feel like i can see light at the end of the tunnel.
sheet rock is done and cabinets are installed.
cale and ronnie have been working everyday on
getting all the trim in and the wood planking on the walls.
i made a (long) list for cale and slowly but surely 
he is working his way through.
they have to be completely done by monday, (memorial day)
because tuesday the house is getting a deep clean and
we are handing it over to the PAINTERS!
say whaaaa?!!
paint makes me feel VERY CLOSE.
ronnie still tells me we won't move in until july,
but i have high hopes for june 23rd as move in day.
we do have a bunch of little stuff to do, but
i'm hoping ronnie can get those done after work in the 
few weeks its being painted and floors go in. 
here's a few pictures of the progress.
mostly this is just proof that we have things like walls,
trim, hanging doors, closet shelves and cabinets. 
minor details.

and just to let you know,
i stepped on a nail last week at the house and put
it through my foot.
it was super painful - - only to be
followed up with a tetanus shot, which
also hurts like the dickens.
so yeah, both my left foot and left arm were
out of commission last week and i hated life. 
this house better be sweet. 

meanwhile - - did i tell you i put the girls in 
swim lessons this spring?
both kids are scared to put their face under water and 
i thought the sooner i get them in, the better.
i don't want a 7 year old scaredy cat. 
both girls LOVED it.
they asked to go all the time and loved telling
us about their progress. 
(which i have to say, was not a big change, but i'm 
going to keep signing them up in hopes that they
start feeling super comfortable in the water.)
but i need to add, i totally should have put reid in the next level
up where parents don't have to get in the pool with their kid.
turns out, a couple i went to high school with was there 
with their kid so every week, i'm like "oh hey, haven't seen you
in 15 years, don't mind me in my freaking swim suit!"
it was humiliating. 

(and i did make ronnie have a turn once.)

i promise to post again soon,
i have lots to catch up on like
pre-k graduation, mother's day,
and decoration ideas for the house.

soon, i swear.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

rock drop, music city

so a lot has happened since my last post.
the house is still in shambles, but ronnie and 
i stayed up until almost 3am last tuesday to 
get everything completed in order to hand over
the house to our sheet rock guy the next day.
since then, all the sheet rock is hung and he is 
working hard on all the mudding and taping. 
meanwhile, we are removing wallpaper from the 
basement and ripping up that carpet. 
cale is busy moving a couple windows and relocating
our fireplace in the living room.
it wasn't until much later in the demo process that we 
noticed the windows and fireplace were not centered in the room.
i was hoping to disguise it with curtains, but it was 
driving ronald crazy, so it's all coming down.

ok, so this pic is old because obviously we've removed that wall to the left.
BUT can you see how the fireplace does not line up with the center of the ceiling?
and how there is a lot more room to the left of the windows than on the right?
that's all getting aligned. 

this was the laundry closet. it is now studded in
and will be brette closet.
so the room you are looking into with the window, is brette's room.

this was walled off with a door down to the basement.
we have removed all the walls and will add a railing so it
feels more open.  you can also see at the bottom of the stairs how the 
wall has been removed. we will also add a railing down there, to
open the stairs to the basement rec room.

this is the master bedroom looking into the bath and closet.
we removed the fireplace (the hole in the wall) and everything
out of the bathroom so we could relocate the shower and add an extra closet.

this is looking into the garage from the family room.
you can see the floor that was laid for our new 
laundry/mud room.
this is an old pic, because we actually have walls up now.
so lots to do and finish up. 
let's just say, this house project is HUGE. 
after our rock guy is done, we move into trimming all
the doors and windows, install cabinetry and start 
tiling all the bathroom floors and showers. 
then paint.
and flooring.

i know we're so far away, but i like when i can list things like that.
it makes it feel doable. 

once we handed over the house to our rock guy, ronnie and i left 
for a long weekend away to nashville. 
a friend of ours turned 30 and we headed out of town to celebrate. 
it was good timing because there wasn't a lot we could do at the house 
and ronnie was getting a bit burned out spending every evening there
after putting in a full day at work. 
there were 7 of us that went and we rented a house, which
ended up being the perfect choice.
it was a great house and it let us all hang out together after
coming home from downtown nashville and gave us the option
to have a few meals at home.
i totally recommend traveling this way if you're going in a group. 
we spent our days on the pedal tavern, checking out the country
music hall of fame, the ryman and lots of bars filled with live music.
i swear, everyone is so talented. 

and now we're back. 
i've spend two nights already at our new house,
just mowing the yard and i'm going back tonight. 
i can't wait to move in and be done with this. 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

demo day

we signed the papers and ronnie immediately 
started demoing the new house. 
within the first three days all the flooring had been 
ripped out, both bathrooms were down to the studs,
the kitchen wall and basement wall had been knocked down,
all the trim was removed, staples were pulled out of the floor,
tact strips ripped up and we even removed a whole 
section of the kitchen counters.
cale also managed to frame in brette's new closet, our
utility closet and the master closet. 
wahoo! it was definitely a productive weekend. 
it was WAY more than i thought we were doing and
this "little" house remodel has already taken on a 
life of it's own.  
every where i look we have already changed our 
minds and added something different.
it's all good changes that will be for the best, 
but i'm worried that our 6-8 week timeline might
have been blown out of the water. 
i'm just praying by some miracle that we're moved in by JULY.
i wish we didn't work and this house was all we did, but i'm just
waiting to hand it over to our drywall guy and move forward. 
i need to walk through the house and take pictures and a video.
it's on my list for this weekend. 
i hope i can actually show you what's going on. 
it's crazy town.

meanwhile, my kids are loving life living at 
my parent's. a lot. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

moving easter weekend

we are all moved out and the papers have been signed.
last friday ronnie and jason spent the day trying 
to finish up our house.
i met up with them after work and we got a ton done.
it was so nice because that left me both saturday and 
sunday to focus on the girls and really enjoy easter. 
i think ronnie got a little overwhelmed on saturday...
maybe it was all hitting him or something? but he had
to take a mental health day and get some alone time.
it's so funny how we all handle big changes differently. 
but he was in top shape again for easter so i'm glad he
recognizes when he needs to step away. 
easter was a lot of fun.
i dyed eggs with the girls - which ps- reid was too young.
do NOT try dying eggs with a two year old. 
she was a holy mess by the end and i was afraid i permanently
stained my mother's counter tops. (luckily it came out)
but reid was so mad that i made her stop playing in the dye 
that she cracked all her eggs. 
p e r f e c t. 
brian and his girls spent the night so we all went to church together.
all the girls looked so cute in their sunday best and
they did a great job during church of sitting nicely together. 
my whole family came over for easter dinner, both lamb and ham were made. 
my contribution was pie and i made my first lemon meringue.
it was actually more complicated than i thought it was going to be, 
and i'm glad it tried it while at my parent's so they could guide me. 
unfortunately for easter, the weather did not cooperate. 
we had both snow and thunder for easter.  crazy stuff in april. 
no outdoor easter egg hunts or pretty spring dresses.
we were bundled up in tights and sweaters and made do
with an indoor egg hunt. 

i already looked up easter 2019 and it's in late april.
fingers crossed for a sunny day. 
then it was back to work on monday and tuesday night,
we met at the realty office and signed the paperwork 
officially handing over our lee's summit house. 
it was definitely bittersweet and i made ronnie stop there after
to take one last picture (photo taken by brette). 

so here we are, a couple days away from taking ownership 
of our home in warrensburg and gearing up for a big renovation.
please send good vibes, lots of prayers and nice weather our way.
i'd really really really like this to go smoothly.
i'll keep you updated on our progress. 
in the meantime, i'm chilling here, in my parent's basement,
living the dream. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

a farewell to our house

the night we sold our house i made a little
video because i wanted one more look at it 
before it wasn't mine anymore.
plus it was perfectly picked up after the showing and
you have to take advantage of that.

i love it.
the house we brought reid home to and the 
house brette started school in.
plus a million memories in between.
i'm going to miss it.

meanwhile, we have been super busy over here 
packing and moving everything out. 
we got the majority of it done last weekend.
a couple of friends (cale and paco) 
came over on saturday to help with the heaving lifting and
then my parents came up sunday to help with all the things
that were going to warrensburg.
i always feel organized and ready, until its the day of and then
i'm like "seriously, where did all this shit come from?"
it's crazy how much crap accumulates. 
i purged a lot of stuff in january, but i think i need to be a
little more crazy and go through everything again.
we really have TOO MUCH STUFF.
unfortunately, we're not quite done.
we still have some things left in the basement and in the shed.
i'm thankful the house is empty, but i know this saturday will
be another full day of moving. blah.

we are set up in warrensburg though so that helps.
thank god my parent's still have a big enough house
to fit us all in. 
brette is in my old room, reid is in brian's old room,
my old playroom is their playroom and ronnie and i
made ourselves a little apartment down in the basement. 
it works perfectly.
i'm just ready to get started on the new house and
get moved in.
it's going to be a busy spring.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

an introduction to our new home

so i have these horrible cell phone pics
i took the very first time we walked the house we bought.
please be prepared to be underwhelmed.
the house was built in 2004.
it is a ranch with three bedrooms on
the main level and two other bedrooms in the walkout basement. 
it reminds me a lot of ronnie and i's first house
without the formal dining room. (which i do miss the extra space)
i love the eat-in kitchen, the first one we've had with enough room 
for an actual kitchen table.
i also love how big the basement is.
i think eventually the girls will choose to have
their bedrooms downstairs because they are
much larger, plus they'll love the media/rec room. 
the basement bathroom is in desperate need of
a complete remodel but that will have to wait for
future renovations, along with new siding and some curb appeal.

for right now (and before we move in) these are the things we will be doing:
1- build a mudroom.  i legit cannot walk in from the garage and be in the living room.  it just doesn't work for me. the girls have coats and backpacks. ronnie has work boots. i have purses and my work bag. i just need a place to unload these things without it looking crazy and unorganized. i know without a mudroom, these things will end up getting piled on the couch and then i will slowly go crazy. we decided since the shop is technically an extra 3 car garage it wouldn't bother us at all to change the attached 2-car garage into a 1.5 car garage.  we are taking a corner out of the garage to add on a mudroom with a bench and lots of hooks and an extra utility closet. it's a lot like what we have now, but bigger. i will still be able to pull my yukon in and have enough room in the other half space for kid's bikes and toys.
2 - open up the kitchen. i love an open floor plan. plus, i think with kids, it's kind of a necessity. i want to see what they're doing while i make our meals. right now the kitchen and the living room run parallel to each other, but they are completely blocked off from each other with a long wall. we are opening it up SIXTEEN feet. i'm so excited. i will be able to stand in my kitchen and see all the way to my front door. the house is smaller and this will help maximize the space.
3 - new wood floors. the house actually has new wood floors in it, but the kitchen is tiled. since we're opening it up to each other, i want them to both be wood - - but also - - i am being super picky. the floors in it right now aren't my favorite, so instead of just adding wood to the kitchen, we're ripping everything up and starting over. i know. i feel bad about ruining good floors, but i also really don't like the color. thank god, ronnie agrees with me or else i would probably had a big battle on my hands because the floors are one of the most expensive things we're doing.
4 - new deck. the deck is old and rotted and very unsafe. i would never let me kids on it. we were out there the other day and i walked around the house instead of going back up on the deck. it's a mandatory project and i huge chunk of our budget. i literally did not know how much lumber costs, but it is freaking ridiculous.
**i also really want to extend the deck further across the back of the house so we can add a door from the master bedroom. how amazing would that be? BUT with the cost of lumber i'm still trying to figure that one out. cale come up with a suggestion the other day, but i think ronnie is totally against my brilliant plan so i might get shut down. fingers crossed i can finagle this into our plans.
5 - basement stair opening. the stairs to the basement feel small and crowded and a lot like you're going down into a dungeon. i obvioulsy hate them.  there's not much i can do to widen them because the kitchen is on the other side, but once the stairs get lower than the kitchen we are going to blow out the wall so it opens into the basement and hopefully make the stairs feel more inviting.
6 - new master shower and closet. the master has a walk in closet but i still think we need more storage. we have decided to rip the soaker tub out, move the shower there and add a second closet where the shower is now. this was actually ronnie's idea and i'm totally on board. more closets? yes please. besides, i hate baths.
7 - new bedroom carpet. for obvious reasons. sharing someone's old carpet is like using someone else's underwear. it's just gross and we need a fresh start.
8 - new bathroom toilets, countertops and tile floors. the bathrooms look a little grungy and dated. we're going to update the girl's bath and our master bath but we're saving the basement bath for another day.  the layout of the basement bath needs reworked and is a much bigger project. put it on the "one day" list.
9 - tray ceiling update. ronnie hates the tray ceilings, but i actually love them. i think they look a bit dated right now, but i think with a little paneling and new light fixtures, i can convince ronnie that its a cool feature.
10 - new doors. not new doors everywhere, but we ordered a new front door and a new back door. the front door looks 90's which is weird since the house is newer than that, but we both wanted something different. then, the back door. i am IN LOVE with my huge back door in our current house. i suggested we added one to our kitchen to open things up and give the house a little more natural light.  ronnie thought it might be too big, but once we measured the space, it will totally fit and i'm super excited to keep this feature in our new house.
11 - removed popcorn ceiling. i hate popcorn. it has to go. i wish i could say we were also rocking the basement drop-down ceiling, but that will have to wait for another time. for now, i will have to live with the basement ceiling as is.
and last, but not least,
12 - paint. i love white trim, so that's a definite.  we went back and forth between doing gray kitchen cabinets, but in the end, i think i'll like white the most. and then all the walls will get a fresh coat of greige. (the girls are requesting pink and purple rooms - my nightmare - so we'll see what i can come up with as a compromise.)

sounds like a lot, but i think it 
will make all the difference in the world.
ronnie and i are both antsy to get started and
we have our fingers crossed for a 6 week turnaround. 
wish us luck!

**this house does not lady living in it and i can't wait to give it a woman's touch. lol. less deer heads and more shiplap. and aren't those basement bedrooms scary? that wallpaper!**