Monday, January 22, 2018

brette and reid: an update

i haven't done an update on the girls since reid turned two
and since her little half birthday is today, 
it reminded me to write a little something up on the blog.

i think the biggest change in reid is her speech.
this girl l o v e s  to talk.
all the time.
about nothing and everything.
we hit december and her speech exploded.
i was a little worried because i always felt like 
brette was carrying on conversations so early, 
and i wanted reid to catch up, but
now that her words have found her,
they don't stop. lol.
also, reid is completely potty trained. 
she might still have an accident every once in awhile
at school, but i think it's because she's too busy and 
doesn't want to take a break. 
on the weekends we never have an issue. 

the biggest change in brette is her knowledge 
of her letters and her writing. 
she has been able to spell and pick out letters 
in her own name for awhile, but now she's spelling and
writing a lot more. 
i like reading to her before bed and making her help me or pick out letters. 
i CANNOT wait for the day she's reading on her own. 
she has to "sign  in" to school every morning and 
the improvement in her handwriting from august to now is CRAZY.
i've also noticed that she can color inside the lines and
draw pictures of actual objects instead of just scribbles.
it's like she grew up on me! 

they are both still picky eaters.
i don't think we've sat down for a meal
where BOTH girls eat.
it feels like if one eats well, the other one
maybe took two bites.
it's very conditional and they are very 
vocal about what is "disgusting."
reid is currently on a chocolate milk kick and
brette loves summer sausage and cheese.
they both love candy. (eye roll)

some of their favorite play things?
they both love barbies right now.
reid is a bit young, but she wants to do what
brette does, so they're both into it.
as long as you keep them separated, its 
fine, but if someone has the wrong barbie,
things get heated.
they also love to color and paint.
reid still love stickers and play doh and
brette likes shopkins and my little pony.
oh, brette also loves movies. 
she would watch a movie everyday if i let her.
i can tell she's going to be one of those kids that 
i'll have to limit her screen time.
it's one of the reasons i'm refusing to get
her any sort of tablet.
i know she wants one, but i figure i'd rather "play"
as long as she can and i know she'll have one in school,
so why rush it. 
reid loves the song "little red riding hood" from the 60's. 
we literally listen to this song at least three times a day, 
but sometimes it's definitely more like 10.

the best word for both of them is: funny.
i think my kids are hilarious.
ronnie and i laugh together everyday over something
one of them says.
i wish i could video our lives just to have these
moments forever. 

we're half way to their birthdays and i 
can't believe my girls are on their way to 3 and 5.
i have to say, 2 and 4 has been a great combo. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

here we come, 2018!

christmas was a lot of fun this year.
i'm pretty sure when the kids are this age,
it's just going to get better and better.

brette really, really understood santa, jesus and
everything christmas.
i used tootie, our friendly elf on the shelf, for
all it's worth making sure she behaved herself.
sometimes, i would even have her go over and 
apologize to tootie if she did something mean to 
reid, just so she understood that we only promote good behavior. 
mwah ha ha ha.
i loved it.
reid loved christmas too.
she kind of understands, but she would cry if brette 
told her tootie was going to tell santa she was a bad girl.
poor thing.
those girls are already starting - i can only 
imagine what its going to be like in 10 years.

christmas morning was magic,
hot chocolate, donuts and a tornado of
presents that was completely unwrapped in
about 10 minutes.
they loved their new bikes - i can't wait
for spring when we can take them outside and
start learning to ride.

we got some snow the day before christmas,
which was the best present ever, 
so we all played in the snow and went sledding.
i actually took off work the whole week, so 
i was home with them for 10 days straight.
i made me miss my time at home with them.
i get so much done and i love having them with me,
but i also missed missing them, if that makes sense?
i still think - my goal in life is to make good money
only working part time.
it would be the best of both worlds.

we made our way into the new year down in warrensburg
with turnbow's and glover's and the kiddos.
we did a fake countdown around 7:30pm after dinner, so
we could get the kids in pj's and in bed at my parent's 
house around 8pm.
then i headed back to turnbow's to ring in the new year
with the adults.
we played "what do you meme?" - a hilarious game and
i loved being with my girlfriends.

not much has been going on since then.
its freaking freezing so ronnie and i have been 
using our weekends to get organized and 
FINALLY clean out our basement.
we're literally unpacking boxes from 3 years ago to
see if it's junk or something we should keep.
i've made two trips to Goodwill and ronnie has made
s e v e r a l  trips to the dumpster. 
it feels good to get it out of the house.

i hope your christmas and new year was lots of fun!
here's to 2018!