Tuesday, February 5, 2019


sooo, i accidentally went all month without blogging.
we spent new years even in bed.
it sucked and i hated it.
there's something about sending nye at home that's
a bit depressing and made me feel old. 
on january 2nd, i started the 21 day fix diet
with a group of girls.
it turned out to be a great start to a healthy year.
if you haven't heard of it, i'd totally recommend it.
my biggest suggestion: download the app. 
you can buy the containers at walmart and 
i google searched the work outs on you tube.

i also had a fun night out with my girlfriends at
a fundraiser for the local hospital. 
it's was a vegas theme: fire and ice.
there was lots of sparkle and it was fun to dress up.

brette started basketball. 
i know.
i was shocked too when she agreed to play.
she is LOVING it and she sucks.
i realized after watching her first practice that she
has never actually touched a basketball.
i bought her one the next week and she is constantly 
dribbling it around the house.
she doesn't have enough strength to get the ball
to the hoop, but its a lot of fun to watch her play. 

ronnie is tiling the master shower.
he's taking forever. literally forever.
but i am excited to see it at least get started.
i told him i'd like to take a shower in my own
bathroom for valentine's day, but i know
he's never going to make that deadline.
i think a more realistic goal would be march.
it's annoying but i'm trying not to complain. 

reid is crazy.
she screams a lot and cries over everything.
she also has a flair for the dramatics because
she'll run down the hallway screaming and slam her door.
i think its a good glimpse of our life in 10 years. 
she most happy when i promise her she'll see mimi and papa
and literlly hit me one day at her school when i picked her up
instead of papa. 
it's a bit ridiculous and i'm hoping the closer we get to 4 years 
old the further apart her melt downs will be.
right now, i'd love to just go one day.

that's basically all that's going on.
lots of snow and lots of football watch parties.
i think all of KC is still a little heartbroken about the chiefs.

but here we go into february!