Thursday, March 23, 2017

2017: week twelve

have you ever had a week where you
have so much fun,
so much going on,
you are tired, but
happy and you never want it to stop?
that's been my week.
i started off saturday taking
the girls to skyzone.
have you been?
its super fun and super expensive.
i didn't realize how much it was going
to cost me to take four kids and one adult.
(yes, i jumped too)
it's a little ridiculous for only an hour of fun,
but brette freaking loves it there, so i'm glad we went.
ps- after having two children and then jumping on a trampoline,
well, lets just say i was afraid i was going to pee my pants. lol!)
sunday we went to church, out to lunch and
played outside for a long time.
we even ended up eating our dinner on the deck.
we haven't brought up our deck furniture so 
we used the girls'.
it was actually really cute for ronnie and i to 
sit with the girls at their table. 
they loved it.

monday, i worked.
tuesday, my friend margie came into to town from st. louis. 
i LOVE when marge visits. 
i spent four years of my life living with her and shannon and
when we get back together, we pick up where we left off.
she brought her three kids with her so i drove down to shannon's
on tuesday afternoon so all our kids could hang out together.
when it was bedtime, marge and i took our crew to my parent's
and as soon as everyone was in jammies we ran out the door 
as fast as we could to pick up shannon and hit a bar.
we spent the next 4 hours drinking beer and talking 
about anything and everything.
the next morning we ate a big breakfast thanks so my parents
and headed to my house for what i like to call,
extreme playdating. 
12 kids
4 adults
no escape.
the kids love life and actually spent a lot of their time
outside, which helps the noise level inside. 
it was a great day and i was so sad to see marge head out 
of town that night to go back home.

one day, shannon and i are going to talk her into a life in kc.
today, i actually did all my chores.
cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, but we managed a 
couple hours out of the house for lunch with my 
sister-n-law and her kids.

she is watching reid for me tomorrow and ronnie's mother
is coming in town so we're all going to meet at 
my sister-n-law's house tomorrow for a big family dinner.
then saturday, i'll be celebrating another one of my bff's
little girl turn one.

i'm telling you,
i've been busy but it's been fun.
what an amazing week.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

2017: week eleven

last weekend was fun.
we actually went out, had a few 
green beers, hung out with friends and
made it home by 9pm.
it was my kind of outing.
the girls stayed at my parent's for a big 
slumber party with their cousins.
reid attaches herself to eden, literally in love with her.
and brette and madeline pair up.
the four actually get along really well and have
a ton of fun together playing barbies and soccer.
since madeline is in kindergarten they don't get
to play together as often so i like it when they
get a whole day to do whatever they want.

(a picture my dad sent me after reid drew all 
over her face in non-washable marker. good times.)

i worked monday, wednesday, friday this week
which means reid spent an extra day at the sitter's.
she cries every time i leave her there, so i
seriously dread taking her.
i'm really hoping i can start her at brette's school
very soon and i'm crossing my fingers she enjoys that more.
last night when we all got home from work/school/the sitter's,
ronnie decided to go out to dinner with cale and jake.
of course brette always goes too.
she loves her little dinners with dad and his friends every week.
but it finally happened.
reid realized she was getting left. 
when they tried to say bye, she
ran to the back door grabbed her coat and cried
at ronnie's legs.  it was so sad.
i tried coaxing her to stay with treats, but
she wasn't having it.
she stood at the door and just 
cried and cried, climbing up his leg
so ronnie took her too.
somehow i managed to get a night at home by myself.
i ate dinner in front of the tv and
went for a little run.
i loved it.
ronnie, however, said it was not relaxing and the
boys have decided to start grilling out instead.
one dinner with both girls and he's waving the white flag. 
i'm not surprised. 
but since spring is basically here and my bff, kassie is
moving to town in a month, i don't mind
starting a little dinner tradition at the house.
sounds like fun. 
(just as long as the boys cook.)

we have no plans this weekend, which means
i'm probably going to put ronnie back to work
on our little house project.
he does so well for a bit and then... nothing.
no progress at all.
it. kills. me. 
the mud bench is still sitting, not caulked or painted.
which means the walls haven't been done either.
just shoot me. 
i'm hoping he can get SOMETHING done over the next few days.
he's not going to stay cooped up in the house for 
very much longer so i have to keep on top of him for just a bit more. 

hope everyone is having a nice week and
i think warmer temperatures are back!

ps- don't forget your green tomorrow!

Monday, March 13, 2017

easter basket fun

after i realized i ordered the girls'
valentine gifts last minute and barely got everything on time, 
i thought i would get 
ahead of the game for easter.
i don't want the bunny disappointing anyone.
i snooped around on a few blogs and got a 
couple good ideas and then i ordered a couple things
i know they would like and crazy enough,
i'm done.
everything should be delivered this week and
i just have to hide it for a month.
i really love the power of amazon prime. 
here's the down low on their baskets:



and those bathtub stickers made me think to get them some more 
crayons and markers for the tub too.
i'll be one in each baskets and they can fight about
who gets to use them later.

and then finally i went over to old navy
and ordered both of them new jellies for
summer with a shirt to match.
nothing fancy, but
brette lives in jellies in the summer.

and that's it.
i'll pick up something chocolate later,
but i think they'll be excited.

now go get started.
your kids will thank you.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

2017: week ten

another week down.
well almost.
i work tomorrow and saturday morning, 
but my parent's are having a fun little
sleepover with all four girls saturday night, so
ronnie and i are going out to lunch and then
out for the st. patrick's day festivities in lees summit.
it's one of my favorite weekends of the year. 
unfortunately, the weather is calling for 1-2 inches of SNOW,
which really puts a damper on any sort of outdoor drinking dreams i had.
we've even debated taking advantage of some free time to
finish up our current house project instead of going out. 
(the mud bench and walls)
the bench is actually built, but still needs to be 
caulked, primed and painted.
the walls haven't been touched.  wah wah.
i also just ordered a little table for in between
our two chairs in the front room.
i went back and forth between ordering something wood or not
and i finally decided to get something copper.
we have copper accents all around our downstairs but
we don't have anything substantial.
i saw this on sale, i jumped at the chance and
it should be here by next week.
i'm excited.
it's small, but i needed small and
i think it will look perfect with a little plant on top.

i was going to wait to show you the mud bench when it was all done,
but things are looking better and any change is good.

remember this?

now this:

if nothing else, at least this project made me
clean out all that junk that was waiting for me every
time i walked through the door.
i just can't wait to get it painted and add hooks to i can actually
USE it for coats.  i'm thinking by the time it's done, spring
will be here and i won't need it very much.
oh well, it'll still make me happy to look at. 

speaking of spring, easter is around the corner and lent is here.
brette's school has an awesome fish fry every friday night that
we will hitting up at least a few times over the next several weeks.
friday night dinners are rough for us anyhow with me working until 6:00,
so we might as well support the school and get out of cooking.
(and by cooking, i mean ronnie making grilled cheeses.)
i gave up facebook for lent.
it's actually not been very hard.
i took it off my phone to relieve any urge i had and i've been
trying to use the "extra" time to get something done around here
or hang out with my kids.
unfortunately, my snapchat addiction is still strong.
(you can find me at brooketc)

brette was sick all last week, but
i THINK we FINALLY have everyone in 
this house back to normal and healthy.
this has been a rough winter for us and i'm
glad that the flowers are blooming and my girls
can finally start playing outside again.
i mean, i know its supposed to snow in 2 days, but
i bet it will be back to 70 degrees in no time.
here's a couple pictures of the girls recently, just because.

(reid's outfit: she peed through her jeans and these were the
only extra pants i had and then while she was throwing a fit
during a diaper change my aunt mickie put socks on her hands, which
she loved and refused to take off. 
yes, she looked like i picked her up from a garage sale.)

Saturday, March 4, 2017

the craigslist killer

when we bought our new washer and dryer,
i told ronnie to hold on to our dryer and i would sell it online.
he wanted to let the guys that dropped off our new stuff
take our old stuff, but i only let them take our broken washer.
i figured i could get a little bit of money out of a perfectly
fine dryer, albeit old, dryer.
so a month later, ronnie started bitching about the dryer
that was STILL in the garage and in his way...
the one i never actually posted online.
so i put it up last week on craigslist and asked for $75.
ronnie said take whatever for it as long
as they come and get it.
i had a person ask what year it was...
and then never texted me back.
i had another person ask if i would take $50
for it, which i said yes and they were set to pick
it up that night.
they never showed.
i reposted it this week and had someone respond the next evening.
they wanted to come get it right now.
ronnie wasn't home, but i knew he wanted it
gone as soon as possible, so i agreed they could
go ahead and come since i was there.
they lived about 45 minutes away.
an hour later, long after the sun had set,
they pulled in my driveway.
reid was in bed upstairs and i told brette to stay
put inside the house.
when i went outside there was an old, small suv.
a lady and her husband got out.
she spoke broken english and her husband didn't speak
english at all... only russian.
they are talking back and forth, but i couldn't understand anything
and she just keeps asking me if the dryer works.
umm, yes.
then they pop the back hatch of their car and i swear to god,
this is what is laying out:
2 hammers
a pair of black leather gloves and
a tool belt.
i'm already a little bit nervous about having people come
to my house at night when i'm home alone with the kids and
then this is what they have in their car??!
are you f-ing kidding me?
my thoughts are this - do not let them attack me with a hammer.
that's like, the worst way to die.
no thank you.
so i think i should get to it first and
take away their weapons.
i grabbed both hammer and the tool belt, and say
i'll move this stuff to make room.
i'm pretty sure the guy was thinking,
"this crazy bat is touching my tools!"
i know he wasn't happy about it because some
of the stuff dropped out of this belt, but whatever,
look who's in charge now.
they put the dryer in the suv and then i put his tools in
the back seat and he gives me EIGHTY dollars.
more than asking price.
it was confusing and a little scary and i'm
pretty sure i sidestepped being murdered,
but i did make $80 so....
ps- ronnie laughed when i called and told him.
he has no concern for my safety.  dick.
but really, that will be the last time i sell something when
i'm home alone.  i get a little jumpy.
pss- we had just got done watching the OJ documentary and
i'm pretty sure bloody gloves were still on my mind.