Thursday, March 23, 2017

2017: week twelve

have you ever had a week where you
have so much fun,
so much going on,
you are tired, but
happy and you never want it to stop?
that's been my week.
i started off saturday taking
the girls to skyzone.
have you been?
its super fun and super expensive.
i didn't realize how much it was going
to cost me to take four kids and one adult.
(yes, i jumped too)
it's a little ridiculous for only an hour of fun,
but brette freaking loves it there, so i'm glad we went.
ps- after having two children and then jumping on a trampoline,
well, lets just say i was afraid i was going to pee my pants. lol!)
sunday we went to church, out to lunch and
played outside for a long time.
we even ended up eating our dinner on the deck.
we haven't brought up our deck furniture so 
we used the girls'.
it was actually really cute for ronnie and i to 
sit with the girls at their table. 
they loved it.

monday, i worked.
tuesday, my friend margie came into to town from st. louis. 
i LOVE when marge visits. 
i spent four years of my life living with her and shannon and
when we get back together, we pick up where we left off.
she brought her three kids with her so i drove down to shannon's
on tuesday afternoon so all our kids could hang out together.
when it was bedtime, marge and i took our crew to my parent's
and as soon as everyone was in jammies we ran out the door 
as fast as we could to pick up shannon and hit a bar.
we spent the next 4 hours drinking beer and talking 
about anything and everything.
the next morning we ate a big breakfast thanks so my parents
and headed to my house for what i like to call,
extreme playdating. 
12 kids
4 adults
no escape.
the kids love life and actually spent a lot of their time
outside, which helps the noise level inside. 
it was a great day and i was so sad to see marge head out 
of town that night to go back home.

one day, shannon and i are going to talk her into a life in kc.
today, i actually did all my chores.
cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, but we managed a 
couple hours out of the house for lunch with my 
sister-n-law and her kids.

she is watching reid for me tomorrow and ronnie's mother
is coming in town so we're all going to meet at 
my sister-n-law's house tomorrow for a big family dinner.
then saturday, i'll be celebrating another one of my bff's
little girl turn one.

i'm telling you,
i've been busy but it's been fun.
what an amazing week.

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