Thursday, March 9, 2017

2017: week ten

another week down.
well almost.
i work tomorrow and saturday morning, 
but my parent's are having a fun little
sleepover with all four girls saturday night, so
ronnie and i are going out to lunch and then
out for the st. patrick's day festivities in lees summit.
it's one of my favorite weekends of the year. 
unfortunately, the weather is calling for 1-2 inches of SNOW,
which really puts a damper on any sort of outdoor drinking dreams i had.
we've even debated taking advantage of some free time to
finish up our current house project instead of going out. 
(the mud bench and walls)
the bench is actually built, but still needs to be 
caulked, primed and painted.
the walls haven't been touched.  wah wah.
i also just ordered a little table for in between
our two chairs in the front room.
i went back and forth between ordering something wood or not
and i finally decided to get something copper.
we have copper accents all around our downstairs but
we don't have anything substantial.
i saw this on sale, i jumped at the chance and
it should be here by next week.
i'm excited.
it's small, but i needed small and
i think it will look perfect with a little plant on top.

i was going to wait to show you the mud bench when it was all done,
but things are looking better and any change is good.

remember this?

now this:

if nothing else, at least this project made me
clean out all that junk that was waiting for me every
time i walked through the door.
i just can't wait to get it painted and add hooks to i can actually
USE it for coats.  i'm thinking by the time it's done, spring
will be here and i won't need it very much.
oh well, it'll still make me happy to look at. 

speaking of spring, easter is around the corner and lent is here.
brette's school has an awesome fish fry every friday night that
we will hitting up at least a few times over the next several weeks.
friday night dinners are rough for us anyhow with me working until 6:00,
so we might as well support the school and get out of cooking.
(and by cooking, i mean ronnie making grilled cheeses.)
i gave up facebook for lent.
it's actually not been very hard.
i took it off my phone to relieve any urge i had and i've been
trying to use the "extra" time to get something done around here
or hang out with my kids.
unfortunately, my snapchat addiction is still strong.
(you can find me at brooketc)

brette was sick all last week, but
i THINK we FINALLY have everyone in 
this house back to normal and healthy.
this has been a rough winter for us and i'm
glad that the flowers are blooming and my girls
can finally start playing outside again.
i mean, i know its supposed to snow in 2 days, but
i bet it will be back to 70 degrees in no time.
here's a couple pictures of the girls recently, just because.

(reid's outfit: she peed through her jeans and these were the
only extra pants i had and then while she was throwing a fit
during a diaper change my aunt mickie put socks on her hands, which
she loved and refused to take off. 
yes, she looked like i picked her up from a garage sale.)

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