Friday, August 11, 2017

another year, another photo

we've added our newest picture to our photo journey.
for most of you, you know that i took a picture when i found out i was
pregnant with brette, then again when i was huge, once i had her and then again 
when she was a year old.
then repeated the whole thing with reid.
so as of last year, this little photo journey was done,
but i just love it so much that i'm going to try to do it every 
summer, just so we can all marvel on how much they've grown and
how adorably cute my kids really are.

i know, right?!

so here we go, from the beginning.
september 2012

my little two and four year old. 
i already can't wait for next year to see all the changes.

love, love, love.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

it's the final countdown

holy hell.
july came and went,
and now august seems to be flying.
here's a little recap:
ronnie left for a week to go to sturgis.
boys only trip. (eye roll)
but we agreed to trade time this year.
he stayed home when i went to new orleans last spring
and then i stayed home while he did this.
the only difference is he was gone DOUBLE the amount of time. 
of course.
also, he texted me tonight (they're on their way home)
and his friend's bike fell on his in the trailor on 
the drive home and his bike has lots of damage.
i can only imagine what this is going to cost us.
oh, and he already told me he wants to go next year.

meanwhile, the girls and i have had some fun of our own.
we went with my mom and dad to the KC aquarium over the weekend.
it was a rainy day, perfect for a fun little indoor adventure.
plus i always love going to crown center.

then on sunday, i picked up madeline and eden and met
jeff, kelly and dylanie for the butterfly exhibit at powell gardens.
(where ronnie and i got married)
it was so cute with lots of little activities and of course, butterflies. 
i drove the girls over to the chapel and let them walk through,
just so they could see where our wedding was.
they thought it was disgusting that i kissed ronnie there and
brette was worried i was going to get married again without dad.
they're so funny.

so the weekend was good, but weekdays kind of drag.
we go to work/school, come home and do dinner, playtime, bath and bed, but
then it's 8:00 at night and I have nothing to do and no one 
to talk to for the next 2-3 hours.
don't get me wrong, i read two books in complete peace and 
i watched kylie jenner's new show without any complaining.
but i'm not used to sleeping alone and there were a few times
i heard weird noises and even though i'm the only adult
in the house i still freak out and move to the middle of my bed.
so i'm excited he's coming home and we can be boring together again.

also, today was the girls' last day of summer school and they
had a little summer picnic to celebrate.

their school closes for a week before fall session begins.
which mean - I GET THE NEXT WEEK OFF!
honestly though, i really like my job and i don't feel like
i've been there long enough to really need a vacation, but still.
i'm going to try to make the next week really fun 
for the girls and hang out with all my favorite friends that 
i don't get to see anymore.
i already have a girls dinner planned, a play date in warrensburg, 
a trip to the zoo and a weekend away to branson scheduled.
we're going to be busy, but it's going to be fun.
sometime in there i need to buy school supplies, go grocery shopping, 
clean house and do the laundry too.
ready. set. go.

it's the last few days of summer and i'm
going to make the most of them.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

reid: 2 years

our little baby is two years old and i
remember thinking when brette was this age,
"wow, you're so grown up!"
but with reid, i feel like she's still my baby.
she still seem so young,
thank god.

both girls have a pediatrician appointment in august.
i had them scheduled for earlier this month but
my dr cancelled on me, so i have no stats on either child
for their birthday. wah wah.
the clothes that fit reid the best are 24 months.
2T are still big on her and the 18 month stuff,
depending on what it is, she can still wear.
she's in a diaper (size 5) at nap time and at night.
besides that, she's rocking undies all day, but
we still see our fair share of accidents.
she does great and then not great.
for example, she went four days with no accidents and
then turned around and had two accidents today.
it's frustrating.
her hair is still growing a lot and is down past her shoulders.
i think its lightened a bit in the summer and i'm
pretty sure we're going to end up with a strawberry blonde.
ps- she still HATES to get her hair done.
it's a battle.
physically, she so much more advanced than
B ever was at this age.
she climbs up ladders and goes down slides.
she pulls over chairs and climbs up on them.
she's everywhere and into everything.
ronnie is still calling her scragglemuff and
his chinese redhead. (because we swear she's speaking chinese.)
we also call her our little make-out queen because
she will quite literally not stop kissing you.
she kisses everyone and is the sweetest little girl.
i'm also proud to report that reid is really starting to talk well.
i love love love when my babies start talking.
she will pretty much repeat anything you ask her to say.
i hear a lot of "mama" except its really drawn out.
maaaaaaamaaaa and it goes up at the end.
she does it to ronnie's name too, because sometimes,
she calls him ronnie and not daddy.
i think it's because ronnie tries to impersonate me so
much that the kids pick up on it.
she is also really polite, saying "peas and tank u."
it's really really cute.
she can name all her animals and tell you
what sounds they make.
we are working on colors,
right now she knows orange, blue and pink.
yay! school is working!
i heard her say her first sentence the other day and
i meant to write it down, but i can't remember it now.
i just remember thinking, oh my gosh, that was more than two words in a row!
i definitely see improvements every week. 

reid still sleeps really well for me.
she goes to bed every night at 8:00 and
wakes up around 7:00.
(i think she would actually sleep longer if it was dark out,
one good thing about the winter months.)
when she started school, i transitioned to their schedule
so reid would have some consistency.
they sleep from 12:30 to 2:30 everyday, but
on the weekends she's been known to sleep 3 or 4 hours.
i don't think she sleeps a full 2 hours at school so
by the weekend she is extra tired.
i still have no troubles putting her down or
getting through the night.
although, one night about a month ago i think
she had her first nightmare.
she woke up super upset trying to climb out of her crib.
poor thing.
but that never happens.
i put her down and see her in the morning.
just how i like it.

reid has her favorites and
she likes to stick to them.
morning? she either wants blueberry muffins or
a granola bar with any kind of fruit.
the kid loves fruit. 
it's nice to grab and go for school, but
on the weekends i try to do pancakes, eggs - -
something that takes a bit more effort.
lunch? she likes lunch meat, pb&j's,
hamburgers and i get reports back from the school
that she normally eats most of her meal.
that's good because they're serving a wide variety of
things i know my kids wouldn't touch if i made it.
dinner? recently, i found out she loves tacos, corn on the cob, and chicken pot pie.
i make a bunch of different stuff and sometimes she eats
well and other times she doesn't.
it's a toss up.
she normally eats meat really well,
but not side dishes.
for snacks she likes popcorn, cheese sticks, turkey sticks,
cucumbers, FRUIT, crackers and for a treat she
loves ice cream or m&m's.

i have an announcement!!!!
reid has fallen in love with a
cabbage patch doll.
i know.
her name is Baby. very clever.
do i think she will sleep with her every
night until she's 30?
(so few of us are that cool.)
probably not,
but still, i'm excited.
she carries her around everywhere and
sleeps with her every night.
she loves to cover her with blankets and feed her bottles.
she also really into purse items - -
she always has her phone and keys.
so basically, she's a little mama.
she still likes picking out books, and thank god,
we've made it past Pajama Time everyday.
she does a great job of playing on her own,
which i know 2nd kids are not known for,
but i'm so down with it.
her and brette still don't play well together.
i think the communication gap is still too big.
but i know from watching madeline and eden,
that the day is coming and i'm very excited for it.

t w o  y e a r s  o l d,
i can't believe it.
she's such a sweet baby.
she can shriek with the best of them, but
is so sweet with her 'tank you's' and kisses.
i can't wait to see what the next year brings.

happy birthday, reid elizabeth!
love you.

Monday, July 17, 2017

a dress

normally my blog posts are not just
about one dress, but i feel the need to share
because i'm assuming most of my readers are either,
1 - my friends/family
2 - other mom's
in which case, i think you all should know
about this crazy cheap, amazing dress.

hello world, i just bought my #1 go-to summer
dress at Wal-Mart and i'm not ashamed to admit it.
when i was pregnant you could basically find me
in a black t-shirt dress on most days.
it was comfortable.
it fit great.
and it didn't make me feel sloppy.
it's the one piece of maternity clothing that i truly miss.

(see below, i literally wore it all the time.)

so when kassie's sister showed up to elle's birthday
party in a non-maternity version of this dress,
i had to have it.
when she told me it was from Wal-Mart and it was
E I G H T   D O L L A R S,
i ordered two.
one black and one red.
and i'm in love.
a great length and a little bit of stretch.
wear it plain with converse or sandals.
put on a scarf and some flats.
throw on some booties and a jean jacket.
i literally want to wear it everyday.

see if you like it.
i mean, it's only $8, so
what's the harm in giving it a try.

you can thank me later.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

happy birthday, ronald!

after our weekend away to illinois we
came back just in time to celebrate the 4th of july with kassie's family and

to celebrate ronnie's  t h i r t y - e i g h t h  birthday on friday.

so old.

my parent's were already planning on having the girls
that afternoon because i had an event at work
so they had to pick them up from school.
i conned them into turning it into a sleepover so ronnie
and i could actually go out and do something fun - - without kids.
i sent a group text to ronnie's friends to get everyone together and
try to set up a little night on the town.
have you ever tried to plan something with a bunch of guys?
it's heinous.
i know us girls might over plan and maybe design a t-shirt, but
at least we're all excited and constantly texting.
guys will sporadically respond back or not at all.
and if they do, it's just to suggest something else or
change something or to talk about something
that i should never have read.
literally, like herding cats.
by the end of it, i was like - whatever, i made reservations,
show up if you want.
and by some miracle, every one of ronnie's friends came out.
it was super nice of them because they actually have to drive
up here to go out and then drive an hour back home, but
i'm really glad we got together and i know ronnie had a good time.
(there might have been a few shots and moonwalking involved)
but i'm bummed because i forgot my phone at home so
this is literally the only photo of the whole night.

we spent saturday getting the girls back and doing a bit of shopping.
sunday we worked in the yard and finally got that fallen tree
completely removed, grass sowed and then a friend of ours
picked up all the wood that i've been staring at for almost a year.
yesssss! fist pump.
ronnie's already planning the next dead tree he wants to cut down,
but I told him to give me a minute to enjoy a yard without
a half a tree laying around and a pile of wood.
my yard feels a little less cluttered and i'm always down for that.
that afternoon we went to miss elle's first birthday.
she had a little 'merica themed party for
our favorite little july 3rd birthday girl.
she rocked her cake.

 it was a good weekend.
and now we're ready for our next!

Monday, July 10, 2017

grandma jean

we had been planning on a long weekend away
to illinois over the 4th of july since this spring.
it was time to go see ronnie's family.
we hadn't taken the girls back since i was pregnant with reid,
over two years ago.
normally, ronnie and i visit once or twice a year.
somehow times gets away from you and traveling with
a toddler and a baby seem like the worst option ever.
unfortunately, we missed seeing ronnie's grandma jean by three days.
she passed away the monday night before we were set to leave and
it was a bit heartbreaking for ronnie.
growing up, he spent a month every summer with his grandparents and he
has such fond memories of the farm and playing with his cousins.
it's a little hard to accept that we didn't get to say goodbye and  
i know he's struggling with the fact that our kids are so young
that they will never remember her and she didn't get to see them grow up.
i try to remind him how awesome it is that she even got to meet them at all.
not a lot of people live until they are 94 and get to meet all their great grandchildren.
what a blessing.
i'm so glad that they came to visit us in march and ronnie actually spent
an evening alone with his grandma taking her to dinner.
(she needed a break from the chaos, lol.)
i know he wasn't expecting it to be the last time he spent with her and
i'm so thankful he got that time to sit and talk with jean without
everyone else around.
it helped to go back and be surrounded by family all weekend and
although it was not the trip we originally planned, it ended being a nice weekend.
we took the camper so we had our own space, but
we spent the whole time with family.
we got to see old pictures of his grandma growing up and meet a lot of her
family that we normally wouldn't see otherwise.
we went to a tractor pull and swimming with his cousins.
we stayed up drinking, listening to don william and george strait.
it was exactly what ronnie needed.
he wasn't ready to leave and i promised that we would go back this fall.
she will definitely be missed and visiting the farm wasn't the same
without her, but i know she was ready.
and now my girls have a special lady looking down on them.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

happy birthday from the islands

we had brette's birthday party the
weekend after her birthday so we could
share the celebration with madeline too.
they wanted a moana party, so i did a
luau theme straight from the islands.
i hung lanterns, put out tiki torches and
set out some pineapple.
is it weird that i love to decorate?
it's my favorite part of throwing a party.
ronnie said we should have roasted a pig,
but i settled for some pulled pork and
pineapple upside down cake.
(it was my first time making it.
its so easy and turned great. it's not MY favorite cake,
aka - no chocolate, but it was cute for our theme.)
the girls both love each other so much and
they really enjoy sharing a party.
i hope we can do this for a long time.
i bought little flowers for their hair and grass skirts,
which they didn't wear.
i really thought that would be their favorite part,
obviously not.
we had most of our family over and spent
the evening together.
it was a great day for our girls.

happy birthday, loves!

Monday, June 19, 2017

full time

i'm going on three weeks at my new job and
it still feels... new.
i'm a little more comfortable with the actual work
and for the most part, it seems pretty straight forward.
there are a lot of summer events that i wasn't expecting,
(code for nights and weekends, blah)
but i see a lot of room for growth and i'm getting
to learn a lot of new things too.
i'm in charge of the website, social media, blog and signage.
i'm pretty sure i'll stay busy.

the kids are still adjusting to life as full-time students.
brette still asks if she has to go to school and reid
cries every morning when i drop her off.
it's not my favorite.
i think they're learning a lot and doing lots
of fun activities, so that makes me feel better.
it's got to be more fun than hanging around
the house all day while i clean and do laundry.
ps- i went to brette's classroom for her birthday
last week and they all went around and told me
how old they - - every single kid in her
class is five going on six. 
my kid started in this classroom at THREE.
i wonder if they think she's stupid because
i KNOW they have know things that she's still learning.
it makes me nervous for her.
but i'm hoping being around a bunch of big kids
helps her in the end.  it's like having a ton of mentors.
right? right.
ok, good.

a n y w a y,
the hardest part of my day is 4:30 to 6:00.
we have our mornings mastered.
i get up and get ready before either of them awake,
so all i have to do is get them dressed and out the door.
we normally leave the house around 7:30 and i
make it to work a little before 8:00.
it's super nice that everything is less than 10 minutes away. 
BUT, the afternoons are hard.
the first few days they were crying the whole way home.
they were tired, plus hungry and thirsty.
since then, i've been packing drinks and snacks that
i keep in the fridge at work and before i leave for the day
i grab them for the girls.
it's made the ride home a lot better.
but still, once we get home they're a mess.
they want to be held and they want dinner and
they want to play and they want drinks and they
want. want. want.
there have been several nights where someone is
clinging to my leg crying while i'm cooking something
on the stove.  good times.
i normally turn on the tv and try to distract them
for 30 minutes while i get dinner ready.
(ps- i've been doing really well about prepping the
majority of meals on sunday and all i have to do
is throw everything together at night.) 
after they've eaten, things are much better.
we go outside to play or go upstairs in the playroom.
ronnie's home by dinner, so i also have another set of hands.
tonight, ronnie did the dishes while i folded a load of clothes.
i know he's not a fan of getting home from work and
doing chores, but WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD.
and then every night i lay out their clothes school,
i fill up sippy cups for the next morning and i pack my lunch.
this makes my mornings super easy.
for the last two weeks i've been cleaning house on friday night.
its the one thing i haven't quite figured out.
when do normal people clean?
it can't be friday nights...
but i never feel like doing it during the week and i refuse to
waste my weekends doing it, so finally on friday night
i'm forced to get it done.
weird, right?
send suggestions on when to clean or what
you all do because its the one thing i haven't fit in my schedule very well.

overall, it's still a huge adjustment for all of us but
so far i think we're doing okay.
the first few days were rough for me and i
felt really sad that i wasn't with the girls, but
i'm actually really happy with this change and
i think we're all going to be a lot better off in the end.

ps- those of you that worked full-time
with little babies - i can't imagine.
literally, can't.

pss- i have another post coming soon.
brette's 4th birthday luau!

Monday, June 12, 2017

my moneymaker turns four

i couldn't let this day go by without saying
a little something about my BMoney.
i think four is going to be one of my favorite ages.
things are starting to seem a little bit easier. finally.
my friends texted happy birthday wishes for her, and
one said, "you are sweet, gorgeous, feisty and hilarious."
then my other friend chimed in and said,
"you forgot bossy!"
which is totally the perfect description of my little one.
my little mouthy, totally hilarious child.

since i had to work on her actual birthday,
my parents came up and spent the day with all four girls.
i can't imagine brette would be happier doing anything else
than spending the day with mimi, papa and her cousins.
they had a picnic, went to the splash pad and filled up our backyard pool.
i'm positive she had a great day without me.
i tried to make the weekend special to help celebrate.
i decorated the house and hung streamers from her door.
we went to the donut shop. (she told me she like the
donuts better at the gas station where daddy takes her. eye roll.)

we went swimming with kassie, chris and elle and both her
and reid went down the water slide, which they loved.

but better than anything, ronnie and cale spent
building her a huge new playset.
i actually feel really bad because they literally worked
on this monster from 9am-5pm both saturday and sunday.
not a great weekend for them.

but we ended up with this and
the girls love it.
ps- do not expect your four-year-old to understand
that this is her gift. you should definitely also have
something for her to open or she will say,
"its not her birthday without presents."
i know this from personal experience.
(all the stuff i ordered online didn't go through so all her other gifts
aren't going to be her until tomorrow and brette kept
wondering where her presents were.
i MIGHT have sent ronnie to the store for something super fast just
so she could actually OPEN one thing today.)

we didn't get rid of our wood (yet) or do
much of anything else to clean up the backyard, so
unfortunately its not going to be pristine for her bday
party on saturday, but ronnie likes to
remind me i'm crazy about stupid stuff.
we're having a luau theme.
brette and madeline wanted moana, so instead of
doing a character, i thought it would be more fun
(and cuter) to do an island theme.
i bought leis, grass skirts, tiki torches and flowers.
i think the girls will love it.
it feels so crazy to have a FOUR YEAR OLD,
and at the same time, it feels oddly perfect.
Happy Birthday, Brette Annaleigh!