Sunday, July 22, 2018

reid is three

i've been waiting for this day.
i'm pretty sure i've been telling people that 
life should be a bit easier once my kids are 
three and five.
and here we are. 
i DO think i was right in a way.
brette and reid are very independent and i'm
asking them to do more and more, which
means i get to do less and less.
pick out your clothes.
load your dishes.
get your own drink. 
get yourself in the car.
its soo nice. 
but reid is just now three and she's 
also developing a little bit of a demanding attitude. 
i literally posted on facebook that she was pure sugar,
because she WAS. 
and then, she turned on me.
screeeeaming at me.
yelling at me to do what she wants. 
i guess i should have knocked on wood. 
she's still so sweet but she's very opinionated too. 
she's also very smart. 
she can spell her name, tell you her shapes, colors, counting.
i can't take the credit though, she learns SO MUCH at school.
during the fall/winter she went five days a week, but 
i wanted them to feel like they got a summer break, so 
she's only going three days a week right now. 
summer school is over next week and then she'll move to
her new school in warrensburg. 
i'm super sad to pull her out.
i can't tell you how much relief it is once you find somewhere you
are completely comfortable sending your kids.
i have that with our school in lee's summit.
i'm worried about starting over at this new school and 
part of me wishes i could just leave her in 
lee's summit for the next two years. 
we'll see how warrensburg goes and if i'm not happy (or reid)
then i might re-enroll her in lee's summit and just take
her with me everyday. 
we shall see. 

what else can i share about reid...
-she LOVES purple. 
everything has to be purple.
her room, her cup, her clothes. 
-she also loves skirts and dresses.
if you ever see reid out in a pair of shorts,
it was most likely because i forced her to wear them.
she always wants a dress on and she will probably end up 
wearing two to three a day, just because she likes clothes so much.
-she doesn't wear a diaper anymore at night and we
took the front railing off her crib so she can crawl in and out of it.
she's been doing really well and still sleeping through the night, 
but she's not sleeping late anymore.
brette was always my early riser but reid is even beating brette up.
she's up somewhere between 5:45 and 6:15.
it's brutal. 
- she loves snacks. 
we can eat dinner and five minutes later she'll ask for a snack.
most of the time she wants crackers, granola bars, cereal or fruit,
but she eats most anything and literally she's eating all. the. time.
- she won't let me do her hair. 
it's not cute and i hate sending her off for the day looking
like a scragglemuff, but i also hate fighting her to get her hair up.
i've been taking extra hair ties to school to see if her teacher
can talk her into putting it up. 
it's annoying and i hope she grows out of it fast. 
-she loves my parents and our dogs more than anything.
literally if you wanted reid to live her best life you 
would just give her mimi and papa with louie and leia. 
nothing makes her happier. 
i'm pretty sure when we moved into our house reid would
have chosen to stay at my parent's instead. 
her and my parents have a special bond. 

those are some basics about reid.
she's such a funny, sweet little thing and i 
can't tell you how much fun it is to see her grow and
turn into this little person. 
i think this year is going to be so much fun and
i'm excited for it all. 

love you reid! i hope you had an amazing 3rd birthday!

Monday, July 16, 2018

almost there

***so i wrote this on friday and never posted it.***

it's moving weekend!

our house is not completely done, but
it's close enough that we can live there.
we still need to stone the fireplace and
tile the master bathroom floor and shower,
but hey, who needs those things?

if you recall we moved to warrensburg over
easter weekend - - the first of april and
here we are, mid-july and just now actually getting to
live in our house.
i plan to sleep there sunday night.

here's a little peek inside.
before we load our crap in.
before our dogs poop the floor.
before the juice gets spilled.
here's our house before life happens.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

brette turns five

i've been meaning to write a little post about brette
and her birthday, but her festivities lasted all month, 
so i've waited until all our celebrating was done. 

we started off her birthday with a family dinner.
we met my brother and his girls, with my parents in 
lee's summit at brette's favorite pizza place. 

her actual birthday fell on a tuesday so she had school,
but her teacher invited me to come join the class for a
special presentation on brette's life and then i read her 
class a story because they don't allow parents to bring in treats anymore.
wah wah.
i did make her some rice crispy treats though for that evening, 
just as she requested instead of birthday cake. 

the week after her birthday, as a gift, we took her to a royals game.
reid had never been and i thought brette would like that as a gift.
it was blazing hot, but our seats were in the shade and as long
as we kept the drinks and snacks coming, the girls didn't complain. 

somewhere in here, brette had a doctors appointment for her
five year well-check.
we changed doctor's offices now that we've moved to the burg and
 we're going to one of my best friends in warrensburg.
i've known him since i was a toddler and it's so funny
that he's now our family doctor. 
brette knows him so she wasn't as nervous and he said
she seems happy and healthy and right on track.
she's 40 lbs and 41 inches tall. 
my baby has gotten so big. 
but she wrote our names for him and drew shapes,
hopped on one foot and answered his questions.
basically, i was only there to watch and it was crazy to see just
how grown up she seems.
(insert cry emoji)
and then finally two weeks after her actual birthday, we found
the time to have a little party with her friends from school.
her class has like 9 kids in it, so its the perfect little size for a party.
we invited everyone to the splash pad for pizza and cake.
such an easy party and brette loved life. 

so here we are, entering july and we can finally call brette's
birthday over, but no worries, i get to start celebrating ronnie 
next week and reid two weeks after that. 
my family was literally all born within a few weeks of each other.
makes for an eventful summer. 

ps- still not living in the house,
but flooring starts tomorrow.
i. can't. wait.