Tuesday, March 29, 2016

easter weekend

easter went exactly how i expected.
a hectic morning, followed by a relaxing afternoon.
because lets face it,
all the BIG events of easter happen before 11am.
baskets, easter egg hunt, breakfast, church.
(and a 45 minute drive to my parents so we could all
go to church as a family.)
it made for a crazy morning.
luckily i had our bags packed the night before,
clothes laid out,
baskets stocked and ready and
the eggs were hidden.
(brette's basket)

(reid's basket)

(easter dresses all ready for the next morning)
brette was so cute talking about all her things in her basket.
i had my video camera going, but i didn't notice that i didn't have very
much data left and it stopped recording 16 seconds in.
i want to cry.
and she loved finding all her eggs.
maybe next year reid can help too.
even with all that prep i was still running around
in my pj's at 9:35am when we were supposed
to leave for church by 9:30.
i made ronnie throw everyone in the car
while i ran upstairs to change.
(and THIS is why moms always look worse than the rest of the family.)
i put my sweater and shoes on in the car,
but we made it their with one minute to spare.
church went really well.
brette and her cousins basically just snacked
the whole time and practiced their whispering skills.
reid was passed around and actually made it through
without screaming which i didn't know was possible.

once we were back to my parent's it was smooth sailing.
lots of food and family.
all 19 of us sat down for an amazing dinner and
enjoyed the day.
brette made it without a nap and relied on the
18 pounds of chocolate to keep her on a high.
i swear, you can't take your eyes off her and the candy dish.
its like a moth to a flame.


hope you enjoyed the holiday.
happy easter!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

inside my head

this isn't so much a blog post as it
is a little download off all the hilarious
things i've found on the internet that speaks to me.
anytime i see something on facebook or
instagram that i love, i save it to my phone.
most of the time i'll send it to my tribe of girls
or to ronnie because there is so much truth in all of these.
so here you go... have a laugh.
(happy easter, right?)

(i heard three is worse than two. dear lord, why?)

(not sure who i'm voting for yet, but this is classic either way.)

(grammar is important.)

(i sent this one to my aunt mickie, because this. is. her.)

(and i sent this one to my mom. i'm always on top of my
laundry, but it's never actually in drawers.)

(at least the girls looks cute.)

(my back. for real.)

(this one is SO ronnie that it kills me.  if you see him head to
the bathroom with his phone, it means that he's taking a loooong break.)

(i sent this to ronald.  he probably doesn't remember it.)

(can i get an amen?)

(if you ever spend the day with brette you will most likely
have to hear about her socks and her shirt. it's maddening.)

and now you know.
real life.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

reid: eight months

this beautiful little baby is eight months old and
she is truly the sweetest little thing ever.
ever. ever.
we do not have a doctor appointment until next
month so i have no clue how big she is,
but she wears 6-9 month clothing and size 3 diapers.
the sides of her hair is getting long and i mostly just
tuck it behind her ears. 
i'm hoping her back starts to grow too or
it might be a loooong time before she's sporting a ponytail.
she is sitting up on her own quite nicely.
i still like to have something behind her in case
she falls back but i trust her enough to sit and play for a bit.
she will also flip and flop all over the place and can
push herself backwards, but
so far, no forward movement.
i also remember with brette taking off the couch cushions
to let her practice standing up to play.
i'm going to try that out on reid in the next month too.
hopefully crawling is on the horizon.
but what she's really into right now is screaming.
the highest pitch, loudest scream i've ever heard.
it pairs nicely with a two year old trying to do the same.
(send earplugs)
sleeping has gotten SO MUCH BETTER.
with the time change, she now
goes down between 8:00-8:30 and has
been sleeping until about 5:30.
i nurse her, put her back down and she'll sleep to about 7:30.
every once in awhile she'll still wake up around 11:00 or 12:00
but i just give her pacifier and she goes right off.
napping however is another story.
normally, i get one long nap a day.
nine times out of ten its in the morning.
then she'll take two other shorter naps.
one early afternoon and the other early evening.
i can only hope that one day,
she can just cut it down to two long naps
and then my life would be so much better.
i put reid down three times and brette down once, so
i feel like a lot of my day is centered around naps and
it kind of sucks.
i've also started giving her a blanket.
its one of those breathable aden & anais ones that
i can wrap her up in but she can bust out of easily.
i'm still nursing her to sleep which i know i need to stop,
but its just so easy and she's not the best eater, so
i like to take advantage of some quiet time.
i guess i'll need to find a new plan soon.
like i was saying, not the greatest eater.
if there is anything going on in the room, then
she has to know what it is.
she spends most of her time looking around and hardly
anytime actually eating.
so, most feeding are right before she sleeps.
i nurse her at 6:00am,
5:00 pm and
she also gets fed twice a day.
we're still on baby foods.
i know at this age brette already had several teeth
and we had moved past baby foods and would
let her pick up and eat table food.
reid is just no there.
i have done it some, but
with no teeth there are very limited things i feel
comfortable giving her.
she hates laying down and
has to be sitting up to play.
she also can get upset when brette takes her toys
(which is quite often).
however, they play so well together.
its really sweet to watch.
reid just laughs and smiles at brette all the time.
i try to keep brette from being too rough and
i can only imagine how mush worse its going to be once
reid starts walking.
i'm kind of nervous for it.
i just don't want a constantly injured baby.
(i  m i g h t  be a helicopter mom)
she went to her first parade.
she celebrated her first st. patrick's day.
she took her first ride on the lawn mower.
she had her first bites of meat. (mushy chicken salad and loved it)
and that's it.
our little eight month old.

mr. bear was in brette's room and since brette was napping
we used tator hog as a stand-in.
miss reid loves her puppies.
 (and they both love ronnie - - just look at that smile)
i feel like spring has sprung which means
summer is right around the corner and all
too soon we won't be counting her age by months but by years.
make it stop.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

so about last week

i have lots of excuses for not blogging last week.
i really was super busy.
but i still probably had time to write a post or two.
the truth is, i started reading a book series and
i spent all my free time trying to get through the next chapter.
i even talked brette into reading to herself for story-time
so we could both read.
worked like a charm.
if you like divergent or the hunger games,
you'll probably like these too.
the first book is called Red Queen and the second
is Glass Sword, but unfortunately book three and four
don't come out for another YEAR.
so now i hate life and i'm stuck waiting,
which means i'm back to blogging.
let's recap last week.
saturday ronnie and i took the girls to the
st. patty's day parade in lee's summit and then
i stayed back for the pub crawl.
ronnie took one for the team and spent the rest of the
day with the girls, while i was out with all my
friends from the bank.
so. much. fun.
too. much. beer.
there are a lot of pictures like this:
sunday was a recovery day.
ronnie was out shopping for fishing crap and took brette with him.
i stayed back with reid and debated how cheeseburgers i should eat.
cale sent me a pic of ronnie and b while they were out shopping.
i guess this place had a ferris wheel inside.
um, cool!
and brette loved the fishing poles.
she's her daddy's girl.

monday i worked and then we had our weekly family dinner.
tuesday my college roomie, marge, came into town so
i invited dana, kass and shannon to hang out with us for the day.
the kids played.
the mom's took care of the babies.
and we tried not to eat too much chinese food.
shan, marge and i had to get a roomie picture with our new girls.
we've all had baby girls this year.
so crazy. 

marge spent the night so wednesday we got
up and spent the morning with shannon.
after marge left wednesday afternoon
i finally got around to doing laundry and cleaning.
hanging out with friends is so much better.
thursday i spent my whole day running errands.
literally hauled both girls to six different places.
it sucked but it needed to be done.
here is brette at target "nursing" my wallet.
it was so weird i had to take a picture.
thursday night we had a small sprinkle for baby wilders on the plaza.
dana is adding a third little chick to her crew.
i can't wait to meet this little boy.
if he's anything like her other two
he'll have plenty of hair and be completely adorable.
friday i worked and ronnie left for his annual trout fishing trip
so the girls in my family decided to get together for a little dinner.
my mom, my aunt, my cousin and her daughter all came over.
we ordered in food and played some games after i put my girls to bed.
it was a nice way to spend the evening instead of hanging out by myself.
saturday i worked so my mom watched the girls for part of the morning and
then kassie came over and watched them the other
half since her husband was gone with ronnie on the fishing trip.
she hung out all day while the boys sent us pictures from their trip.
they took a selfie stick with them, so
i thought the pictures were hilarious.
three men and their selfie stick.
(and no, ronnie had no clue what that was)

and now here it is - - sunday.
we just did a lot of lounging and hanging on ronnie.
it was nice to have him back.
he brought brette a little fishing rod home so
i think a few afternoons at the lake are in my future.

and we managed to make it out of the house to run up the road
to buy a new sofa sleeper for our front room...
coming this april.
i'm excited to move my old college couch back down to the basement.
that's it.
my whole busy week.
can you believe i managed to read two books too?!
so now you know why i had no time for this ol' blog.
have a great week!