Thursday, March 3, 2016

little bits

we have had a few smaller things on our list
to get done around the house.
some of them i've knocked out myself
and i'm hoping that the ones i need ronnie's help with
we can finish up over the weekend.
we have no plans.  knock on wood.
first, the things i've done:
i white washed some of the downstairs fireplace.
i didn't want to do the whole thing like i did in our bedroom,
but some of the bricks were way too orange and i hate that.
i also ran into target one day to grab diapers,
(target had an amazing diaper sale)
and i saw this side table on clearance.
i got it for $20, originally $70.
yes, i'll take it.
but please imagine...
reid and brette are in the cart and there is
no where to put this table, so i am holding it and
trying to steer the cart full of kids.
i looked crazy.
originally i wanted a stump table,
but honestly i'm tired of waiting for it to get done.
this is a perfect second option. 
 a little wood and a little gold.
exactly what reid's room needed.
and speaking of new furniture,
we also picked up this new chair for our front room.
a friend of my brother's sold it to me.
i didn't tell ronnie and when he saw it he
hated it because he said it didn't "go with this house."
i proved him wrong and once again told him
to do the heavy lifting and i'll take care of the rest.
and now he really likes it.

there are two projects i would like done this weekend.
one, is hanging some hooks by the front door.
we still have our coat rack out,
which i still totally love, but
it's not safe for kiddos.
brette has literally knocked it down three times.
luckily, its never landed on her, but i'm over worrying about it. 

i bought these from home goods but i need ronnie's help,
because the way i need them latched to the wall will take some rigging.
i need it to be more sturdy than what they are, so we
can use them for our coats and for company.

i plan on hanging four of them across this half wall,
right by the front door.

the second thing i need ronnie to do is put in one or two
electrical outlets in the floor in our front room.
if you look at this picture again, you'll see i have lamps on
either side of our couch but nowhere to plug them into.
i'd like to hide an outlet in our floor under the couch
so i can actually USE these lamps.
i swear, the electrical jobs are always the last to get done.
and that should do it!
not a hard list at all.
the big jobs are still lurking though...
baseboards in our family room,
then priming and painting.
but i think it looks so good with the wood planking.
i can't wait to see this done.
i love all the small finishes.
it really makes our house a home.
hopefully shit gets done and i'll have another update soon.
fingers crossed.


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