Thursday, April 27, 2017

about last week

we did a few fun things this last week.
last wednesday i had my cousin come over 
to watch the girls and ronnie and i with two of 
our friends went to a royals game.
its always fun to drink a little beer and cheer on 
our boys in blue.  #raisedroyal

ronnie has also been working on my mudbench again.
(yes, he took a month-long break.)
in fact, right now he is downstairs caulking at 9 o'clock at night.
sorry, not sorry.
i'm hoping we get everything primed and maybe even
a first coat of paint on this weekend.
fingers crossed.

we met my parents, my brother and his girls for
dinner on sunday night.
they loved spending time together and eden came 
back for a sleepover and i'm pretty sure they weren't 
snuggled in bed until 9 or after.
brette definitely has to talk about, and show
eden everything when she's over.

we were supposed to take the camper down
to the lake this weekend but since the forcast
shows nothing but RAIN we decided to cancel.
ronnie is super bummed but i'm totally down to stay home.
its a lot of work to get everything bought and
packed for a weekend away.
and i'm not looking forward to testing out how well 
the girls will do sleeping together.
we don't want to take the pack-n-play this year so
that means the girls will be bunking together and i'm just
not sure if reid is ready to share a bed.
we shall see.
i have garth brooks tickets (wahoo!) next weekend, so
we can't go anywhere then.
but we do have plans to drive down to bennett springs over
mother day weekend with another family so
that should be fun and ronnie will be happy.
(happy mother's day to me?)
then of course we go down to the lake every memorial day, so
we'll actually be campering twice next month.  yeehaw. 

in other news, brette, reid and i went to the dentist today.
(i never said it was exciting news)
i was dreading it but it actually went quite well.
brette was a little scared and super shy, but
she followed directions and let the lady clean her teeth.
the previous times we've taken her in, they just take a look, 
but never actually work on anything.
she did great and was so happy about her new princess toothbrush
and shiny teeth.
she asked to see them in the mirror and was a little disappointed 
that she couldn't see any difference.
but i'm just glad she came out smiling.
reid did... ok.
she opened her mouth to let turnbow look, but
when he put his finger in there she started crying which
 just made her mouth open wider and he got a better look.
it took all of 30 seconds.
i'm going to keep taking her just like i did with brette
so she gets used to going and hopefully has no fear of it.
i know as a kid i D R E A D E D the dentist.
(still do, kinda.)

so that's all that's really going on right now.
planning a busy summer and trying to get 
BOTH girls enrolled in school. 
(more on that later.)
i'm excited for the next few months and 
i'm ready for may.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

easter weekend

this weekend was nice.
pretty relaxing with great weather.
we went out to breakfast saturday morning and
i had the best breakfast sandwich ever.
have you been to first watch recently?
we drove one town over to independence, and had breakfast there.
so good. 
here's the description i just found online:
"over easy egg, arugula, bacon, gruyere cheese, avocado smash, lemon crema on a brioche bun"
go try it.
i'm still thinking about it.

a n y w a y . . . 

we had to drive out that way because we were also trading
in our old tv remote.
i'm pretty sure reid spilled juice all over it because when
i got back from new orleans it was very sticky and not working.
when in doubt, we blame reid. 
i put the girls in dresses because i figured we were also 
very close to bass pro so we could stop by and
see the easter bunny.
we ended up skipping bass pro and going to the mall instead
because our cable store was literally in the parking lot of the mall.
when we walked in brette was like - where are we? is this a theatre?
i guess i didn't realize but i don't think we've really been to the mall
since she was a baby and she had no clue what it was. 
my kid doesn't know what the mall is?  crazy.
it was great timing getting there as early as we did because 
there was only one  other person in line.
we were able to get a quick
pic with the easter bunny and get out.
i felt a little bad because reid was seriously scared and 
even brette was like, um no, i do not want to go sit by him.
i managed to talk her into it, but reid screamed her head off the whole time.
maybe next year we'll get a smile???

sunday morning was busy.
both girls were up around 7 so 
we had to do easter baskets right away.

we planned to make it to 8:30 mass,
but by the time we did baskets, hunted for eggs,
ate a traditional easter breakfast of hot-cross buns and got
everyone in there sunday best, it was 9:45.
(i might have also stopped off to look at facebook for a bit. 
i don't mind giving it up for lent, but it didn't take me long to log back in.)
the next mass was at 10:00, but i knew we wouldn't get a seat, so
we drove out to the other catholic church where they had mass at 10:30.
we were there 30 minutes early, so 
i let the girls run around in the gym
while ronnie saved us seats.
basically i was two hours late to church, but
 it ended up working out really well. 
we were home in time for lunch and nap.
ronnie's sister and her family came over 
around 3:00 when the girls were getting 
up and we had a nice ham dinner with all the fixins'.
i made my mom's prune cake with pioneer woman's glaze for dessert 
and i have to say - it was amazing.
i recommend you make it and just tell the kids it's spice cake.
believe me, they'll love it. 

i don't put nuts in mine and i baked it for 50 minutes.
you can find the glaze here.
ree calls it icing, but really its not.

i hope you had a wonderful easter!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


all the ladies on the turner side of my family
have started taking little annual trips together.
last year they went to nashville, but since reid 
wasn't even a year old yet and still nursing, i passed.
this year, since the girls were a little bit older,
i decided that they could survive a weekend with 
ronnie while i traveled down to new orleans.
(here is the photographic evidence that this is not 
necessarily true.)
muddy four-wheeler rides in their dress clothes and 
smores around a little bonfire at 9pm.
i guess while mom's away, daddy will play.

and although i was definitely ready to see my kids
by sunday night, the quick trip down south was totally worth it.
let's be clear about one thing:
this trip was about food.
beignets, etoufee, gumbo, shrimp, grits, pralines, bananas foster, crawfish,
fried green tomatoes, fried oysters, po boys, a chocolate truffle to die for, 
then more beignets and more shrimp.  
i'm refusing to weigh myself, but i'm pretty sure i 
gained back the five lbs. i lost before i went.
and that's not even adding in the "to-go" cups.
new orleans doesn't have an open container law,
therefor all drinks are to go.
we literally walked around town drinking frozen hurricanes.
and yes, it's definitely the best way to take a tour.
we stayed in the french quarter on the corner of
canal and bourbon street - the perfect location.
we walked miles and miles everyday.
the french quarter is full of little shops, restaurants and bars.
you could go out everyday and not go to the same place twice.
we made our way to jackson square, down bourbon street,
all through the garden district and through lafayette cemetery.
our trip happen to coincide with the french quarter festival. 
basically this means that there is live music everywhere you go.
bands are posted up all down the streets and there were big 
stages along the riverfront constantly performing jazz and blues.
our tour through the garden district gave us some basic american history
and while staring at the houses that literally take up a quarter of a block.
we saw where the Manning family lives, Sandra Bullock, Jefferson Davis,
Nicholas Cage, where Django Unchained was filmed, the Real World house...
lots and lots of beautiful old homes. 

 (this was one of my favorites)

we also took a cooking class while we were there.
it made me try foods i probably would never have ordered, but
i'm glad i got to try everything because i actually really like it.
and now i know the difference between creole and cajun.
and before we flew out on sunday mom and i went to mass
at the Catbedral-Basillica of Saint Louis.
so pretty and big and it made my mother really happy.

the trip was a lot of fun. 
i'm glad i got to spend some time with
family that i don't get to see that often and
explore a new city.
we decided its best summed up as:
a lot of walking, light drinking and dessert after every meal.

and in a nutshell, that's what it means to be a turner.


Monday, April 3, 2017

2017: week thirteen

sorry i didn't get to write anything last week.
i was busy reading.
i got started on a series and the third book came out.
i re-read the first two and just finished the third one today.
it ended horribly and i was super pissed because i 
thought this was the last one and i couldn't
believe how bad it ended and then come to find out,
there's going to be a fourth book, but not released until
i hate waiting.
so yeah, that's where all my free time went.
if you're interested in the series, the first book is Red Queen.
it king of reminds me of the Hunger Games, so
if you liked that kind of story line, then you might
like these as well.

but enough about books.

my mother-in-law and my grandmother-n-law came to visit.
they were only here three days, so 
we tried to spend as much time with them as we could.
we all met and had family dinner at ronnie's sister house.
the next day we met to take the kids swimming at
the hotel they were staying at, and then we spent all
of sunday together. 
i made a big brunch and then ordered pizza later on.
(there's no way i was cooking two meals in a row.)
but it was nice to see everyone and have some family time.

not much else happened.
i made a few meals.
we baked some muffins.
brette got back her spring school photos.
we watched the final four and both my teams lost.
we celebrated my friend, jana's baby girl's first birthday.
we picked up the camper and brought it back to the house.
ronnie put the last coat on the walls and it's almost ready to paint.
and reid now has an obsession with her tricycle.

but mostly, i spent my time reading.

happy april.
hopefully it stops raining soon.
i'm so over the gray clouds and wet grass.