Thursday, February 28, 2013


i've been working out to try to work out some of my pain.
no one told me that pregnancy so physically painful.
sure, i've heard the horror stories about LABOR,
or about how uncomfortable you get in the 3rd trimester.
but my experience has been rather painful from early on.
it all hurts.
i feel like i might be being a baby,
instead of having a baby.
but i don't care.
this shit hurts.
the newest thing i'm trying is yoga.
my sister-n-law gave me two dvds to try.
one is prenatal, the other is for beginners.
i've only done them twice,
but hopefully it helps.
its a lot of stretching and that's what my doctor suggested.
i seriously don't know what else i can do.
i'm dreading this spring.
pray for me.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

snow days

the massive amounts of snow we've gotten in the last week
has given ronnie and i lots of hours to kill at home.
i decided it was time to turn the office into a nursery.
i don't have before and after pictures yet,
but we did manage to move out all the office furniture
and set it up in the basement.
ronnie and i put together the crib,
move up the dresser/changing table from the basement,
hang curtains.
and was having a president's day sale
so i ordered a rug too.
(this is a zoom in on the pattern. 
 i loved that it was so colorful and had coral in it.)
the only thing we have left to buy besides accessories,
is our rocking chair and ottoman.
we found several online that i like,
here, here and here
but ronnie wants to sit in them before we buy one,
so i'm waiting to hit up some furniture stores.
and since i decided against a theme
 i had ronnie removed my favorite tree decals from the walls.
i was sad to see them go,
but i think it saves me from having to commit to trees and birds.
while, i loved that look,
i loved some ideas on pinterest more.
but don't get me wrong,
my two snow days i spent at home was not all work.
we watched movies, read books, ate lots of cookies
and snuggled these babies.
i freaking love snow days.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

the giving tree

it's kind of amazing to be one of the later girls to have a baby.
one - because i can call a number of girls for any kind of question i might have.
two - because a lot of my friends and family have baby items they are willing to pass down.
and that's why i want to give a shout out to all those giving mammas out there helping us out:
my aunt mickie is donating her amazing diaper bag that is still in great condition and meets ronnie's stipulations of not looking girly. it's all black, which is totally my style.
my sister-n-law and brother are letting us have their bassinet
(which is also my aunt mickie's).
 eden is outgrowing it and its adorable. bonus.
my sorority sister, abbey, that was blessed with three little ladies
never used her changing table pad so she offered it up to me.
 and it matches my color palette for the nursery. why, thank you!
my long-time roommate, shannon, is giving us her bumbo chair.

my mother-n-law and gma-n-law gave us extra curtains that are nursery perfection.

my lifelong friend, jana, gave me a whole wardrobe of maternity clothes.
my other college roommate, margie, texts me with coupon sites
and bargain books to keep us from over spending.
i think ronnie and i are in good hands.
thank you. thank you. thank you.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

doctor appt: 5 months

i had my five month doctor appointment last wednesday.
it was quick and easy.
they measured me.
(things are right on track)
they listened to the baby's heart beat.
(things sound good)
they gave me my delivery bill because
i guess you have to have all of that paid in full
a month before you deliver.
(things look cheaper than i thought. yesssssss.)
they gave me a liquid i have to drink before my
next visit to check for gestational diabetes.
(it looks like orange soda, but i hear its gross)
**i'm really hoping i don't have it,
but it would probably be good for my eating habits if i did. wah wah.**
this was the first appointment ronald missed,
but it lasted all of 20 minutes,
so i'm glad he didn't take off work for it.
next visit: march 13th
we're chugging along.

Monday, February 18, 2013

the nursery

currently our nursery is still an office.
except for the closet.
and that's where i've been storing the things i've picked up.
so far,
a throw pillow and curtains.
yep, that's it.
but i have a good idea of what i want.
white, cream, coral and taupe.
here's some ideas for coral nurseries
and decorating items off  my pinterest board,
which is titled "down the road"
i'm thinking a new name might be in order
since down the road is now around the corner.

for accents i'm loving hot air balloons,
clouds, farris wheels, kites.
so many adorable ideas,
i can't decide.

i'm ready to register, shop and decorate.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

my own kind of cupid

ronnie bought me my very own six pack.
things just got real.

he might have also thrown in a card and a plant,
but really,
he led with the reese's so the rest was lost in the chocolate haze that took over.
hope everyone else is eating chocolate tonight too.
i mean, that's really all that valentine's day is good for.
can i get an amen?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

hit me with your best shot

in my blogging absence
there was a new development:
i feel her all the time now.
they said that would start somewhere between
18 and 22 weeks.
mine didn't really start until the tail end of my
22nd week, first of my 23rd week.
i was starting to get worried because
people would ask if i felt her and i would always have to say no.
but now,
if i'm being honest,
i'm glad she waited.
having her do flips and turns on the screen is one thing.
having her do flips and turns that i can feel is completely different.
they don't hurt, but it just feels weird.
it feels like my stomach is on a roller-coaster.
i'm not a big fan of it.
so this should be fun.
she'll be doing more and more of it
while also getting bigger.
sounds great.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

a day off

i've been out of town.
ronnie and i drove up to illinois to visit ronnie's family.
a seven hour drive in the car with back problems is not fun.
i do, however, enjoy today off with no car ride.
i'm spending the day doing laundry
and running errands.
i have to return a tunic to old navy that i bought in a large.
i guess i'm now an x-large.
freakin awesome.
i also have to go pick up a new cable box
because we've been living without dvr since last week.
that is so 2008.
sorry about my lack of blogging.
hopefully this will tide you over.
running errands
in my new maternity jeans.

24 weeks 

Monday, February 4, 2013

game night

i know i'm a day late and a dollar short,
but i have a really good dip recipe
for occasions such as the super bowl
or any game night/group gathering.
my friend at work made it for us
and she just calls it corn dip,
which made me skeptical.
but if you look it up on pinterest
i think the official name is cowboy caviar or cowboy dip.
1 C sour cream
1 C real mayo
1 can rotel
2 cans mexican/fiesta corn
1 dash sugar
2-3 bunches green onion, chopped
1 C shredded cheddar cheese
mix it all together and chill for a couple hours.
serve with frito or tostito scoops.
trust this.
its so good.

Friday, February 1, 2013

[insert joke here]

we interrupt this baby story for a mildly suggestive ronald commercial.
ronnie has been going to school for 5 years.
he will finally be done in may and he's super excited.
this semester he actually has to go two nights a week for the first 9 weeks
because they're having him take a welding class.
ronnie kind of bitched about having to go since he knows how to weld
and apparently he thinks he's awesome.
too awesome for a class.
until he got home from week one, 
and his instructor told him that he needed to work on his
penetration and angle.
i almost spit up when he told me.
that's right people,
ronnie sucks at penetrating and his angle is all wrong.
bah ha ha ha ha
feel free to make fun of him.
send jokes.
destroy his manhood.
it can't be worse than the stuff i came up with.
happy friday!