Sunday, March 25, 2012

the ying and the yang

do you ever watch biggest loser?
i'm a fan.
and there are the bob fans and the jillian fans.
i think i would choose bob just because he's so nice.
but i think jillian might be more my type of gal.
let me explain.

i tried my first ever yoga class this evening.
a couple of friends on facebook mentioned that they took their first class on thursday in lee's summit and i have heard jaime, my sis-n-law, talk about it too.  since i am trying to prepare for spring by running i thought this might be another good option.  plus it just so happens that the zen zone [the lee's summit yoga place] is having a special.  my class tonight was free, but i can join for a month for only $30 bucks.  i'm not sure if that's truly a deal, but it sounds cheap to me at only a $1 a day.
my goal?
go three times a week. 
and then run three times a week.
hopefully that will give my body some options,
so i'm not doing the same thing every day.

but yoga is different than anything i've ever done.
i'm a jillian girl.
i like to be made to do lunges even though i hate them
and have my trainer make me do sprints up a hill.
i like it, because i feel like i'm pushing myself.

but yoga is a bob thing.
it's very granola and i'll admit, at times i found it corny.
it's just weird for me to go work out and then be told that i need to
plant my feet to the earth, find my beautiful soul
and let it decide what is best.
that being said,
i love her idea that if my body is open, then my mind and heart are open too.
and i love that you have to slow down and focus on your moves instead of sprinting ahead.
so i guess i need to take what i can from it
 and block out what i find "too much."
plus, i can tell that i was working and moving in ways that will help tone.
not to mention that it's so freaking hot in there,
i was sweating by the time i sat down.
and both bob and jillian approve of that.


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