Thursday, March 29, 2012

paris in the springtime

i have big plans for the basement.
back in 2006 i took a European vacation with my sis-n-law and our tour guide told us that you either have a parisian or roman soul.  jaime was a roman at heart. and me? i'm a parisian.
i couldn't get enough of the eiffel tower, champs de elysee and notre dame.
so in that honor, this will be my paris inspired room and most likely the only red you will find in my entire house.
but it takes money to decorate and right now i'm focused on saving.
especially, when i want to experience europe with ronnie next summer.
(happy 30th to me and happy graduation to him)
but i did manage to pick up a few items for the back bedroom.

before shots:

a new comforter and lamp shades - both from target.
i still need to buy pillows (bed and throw)
and two nightstands.
the ones pictured are temporary.
oh and notice that my comforter and pillow shams didn't come with a bedskirt?
i was pissed when i realized that... so i'll also be needing a black bedskirt.
cheap sons of bitches.

my goal is to have a black and white room with mustard yellow accents and a tiny shot of red.

here are some pics from my trip to paris and my inspiration.

au revoir!

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