Tuesday, March 6, 2012

dig through it

i went to warrensburg's other gem on pine street:
those were the days.
a three story flea market.
i went for one specific thing.
old window panes.
so i could do this on my basement wall:

but dang it, they had no window panes.
so instead, i brought home these candelabras ($30) for my mantle.
[haven't bought the candles yet]

this little guy ($5), which i plan on spray painting.

and my favorite,
this rustic toolbox ($15)
[for a grand total of $50]

i decided it would be an amazing centerpiece for my dining room table.
the plan:
fill it with springtime flowers.
i can't wait.
here are some examples i found online.

pretty, right?
i think it will be gorgeous.

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