Friday, November 28, 2014


there is so much going on right now.
getting ready for christmas.
taking care of brette.
and the major thing:
our house.
it would be really nice if 
ONE thing
could be easy.
so far, everything is worse
or harder than we expected.
last saturday we finished the wallpaper upstairs.
i wanted to sing and dance.
so on monday we had a drywall team
come in to start skim-coating the walls
to get them ready for paint.
i finally felt some relief.
other people can come in to finish up.
i stopped by the house after work on monday
and the guy tells me we have problems.
the top layer of dry wall is paper and
its bubbling up and blistering when
he applies the skim-coat.
what. the. fuck. 
he's not certain how to make it stop doing it
without just taking down the sheetrock and starting over.
there is no way in hell i just spent the last four weeks of my life
removing wallpaper just to rip down the walls. 
we did a little online research and called our painter.
we found that you can try sealing the wall with primer
and hopefully that will stop the moisture from seeping 
through and causing the blisters.
our painter is skeptical.
he thinks we need to use lacquer but we're trying this first
because our painter is a week and a half out and we don't want to wait that long.
we have to prime the whole upstairs before the sheetrock guys
can come back to finish skim-coating.
i am crossing my fingers and toes that this works 
because we are growing a little weary.
its hard to spend thanksgiving weekend working 
on the house when you thought you were done for awhile.
we're hoping to finish up in the next couple days and 
have the dry wall team back on monday.

this better work. 
i'll let you know. 

Friday, November 21, 2014


i love comparison shots.
i love looking at brette's pictures
and comparing them to mine and ronnie's when we were little.
i like taking photos a year later to see 
how much change i can see in her.
i just love comparing.

i hope you guys find the joy in this too.

her "birth"day and her 1st birthday:

pool time:

 halloween jammies:

wearing my baby clothes:

family fall day:

 riding her zebra

hanging with aunt jaime

sleeping in a carseat:

sometimes i can see the same baby
and other times she looks like a completely 
different little girl.
our little brette annaleigh,
one day at a time.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

free tours

we were finishing up at the house for the day
and i quickly did a fast walk through video.
some of the rooms still don't have lights in them 
because we took them down to finish the ceilings,
so i apologize for the dark spots.
also, i didn't realize how loud kenny chesney 
was playing in the background.
consider it mood music.
and my video skills are a little shaky. 
you'll also notice our shelves out of the master closet
are in the dining room.
there is trash everywhere,
crap in the bedrooms.
brette's crawling around in dirt.
my mom is sweeping,
and my dad is still taking down wallpaper.
i mean, things are rough.
so please excuse the mess.
but hopefully this helps you get
 a better feel for the house.
 and maybe one day soon
i'll get to make another video
when everything looks one million times better.



Tuesday, November 18, 2014

busy bees

we had a busy weekend.
it started friday night after work.
i met up with my best friends to go out to dinner for kass's birthday.
we caught up on our lives and literally,
laughed until tears were rolling down.
everything was funny. especially this.

then saturday brian and jaime offered to
take brette to a bug exhibit at union station.
it was so helpful to get several uninterrupted hours
working on the house and B got to spend the day with her cousins.
i'm sure she loved that way more than watching us remove wallpaper.
 she was dropped off in time to head to dinner with
ronnie's side of the family.
we hadn't seen them in awhile so i made sure
to ask them to dinner just so we can see our family 
in the mists of our huge house renovation.
they hadn't seen our house yet, so after dinner we gave them the grand tour.
the house is a mess, so i'm excited to have them see the finished product
when its said and done.
i'm sure it seems a bit crazy right now.

on sunday we headed back up to the house and 
ronnie finished a project i have been hounding him about.
he took down the cabinets in between the kitchen and the family room.
i wanted this done right after the wall in the kitchen was taken down.
i think after a month of whining about it,
he finally gave in.
what a difference it makes! 
i love it.
and i'm pretty sure ronnie loves it too.

here is a before shot:
and after:
 and after:

i love how it opens the kitchen up to the family room
and makes it feel like one room.

and now when i stand in the kitchen i can see 
basically the whole downstairs.
just what i wanted.


Thursday, November 13, 2014

calling it quits

we are not necessarily 
q u i t t i n g
on our house,
but we have decided to not DIY the whole darn thing.
originally, our plan was:
do the ceiling.
lay the floors.
move in.
we were going to paint after we moved in.
but when we found out that wallpaper covered
every single square inch of the house,
it became a whole new ballgame.
we went back and forth between taking it all down,
skimcoating over it and trying to mud and tape the seams.
in the end, ronnie's perfectionist ways won out.
take it all down. 
have you ever taken down wallpaper?
its horrible.
we bought two steamers and went to town.
by we, i mean, my mom, dad and myself.
ronnie has somehow managed to avoid the wallpaper process.
unfortunately, it still takes us 3 days per room,
but we are only three rooms away from having the upstairs done.
that's right people, the downstairs remains untouched. 
we have brette's room, the play room, the guest room, the master
and the hallway bathroom all done.
we still have to do the laundry room, the hallway and the master bath/closet.
but when we ripped off the wallpaper,
the sheet rock beneath was damaged in the process.
this is where we decided to wave the white flag.
its taken us SO long just to get here,
that i talked ronnie into getting some professionals in 
here to finish it off.
we have HIRED (yes!) a sheet rock crew and painters.
sweet mother of jesus,
that's such a relief.
i can see a light at the end of the tunnel.
so basically, all we have to do is finish with the wallpaper
and then they will take care of the rest.
in fact, after the painter is done,
another crew will lay the new carpet in the bedrooms and 
we will FINALLY move in.
i hope to be living there by december 7th,
but i know how construction goes,
so as long as we're in by the 21st,
i'm happy.
as you've probably realized,
we will be moving in with the downstairs unfinished.
however, the painters will paint our kitchen cabinets,
so at least that will be done.
ronnie said he and cale
 can lay the wood floors.
but we were still both struggling with the idea of taking 
down all that wallpaper downstairs. 
 i can't imagine doing weeks and weeks of this again
and neither ronnie or i would do well living in that mess.
so ronnie came up with an idea
that i love.
we haven't priced it out,
but seriously,
since it gets me out of taking down all the downstairs wallpaper,
i'm pretty willing to pay whatever.
we are going to wood plank the walls in
the living room, the dining room and the family room.
please removed the word paneling from your mind.
we. are. not. paneling.
i hate paneling.
this will be actual boards running horizontal across the walls and then painted.
here are a few example from the internet:

not only do i like it because it covers the wallpaper,
but it also has that farmhouse feel that we are going for.
in fact, we left one long wall in the master untouched
so we can do the same thing in there.
our plan is to completely finish one room at a time (floors and walls)
and hopefully have this cranked out in a few months (depending on ronnie's schedule).
 i'm trying to talk him into getting started while the 
drywall guys start on the upstairs.
i would love to have at least one room downstairs done before move-in,
but ronnie's timeline and my timeline never seem to match up.
go figure.
  but nonetheless, i'm excited.
start a freaking countdown.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

run forest, run

we got another recommendation
from our pediatrician to see a physical therapist
for brette's gross motor skills.
we met with one in june because she still wasn't crawling
and that had such great results that i really wanted 
their opinion on how to get her walking.
i had some concerns about her left foot.
it kind of turns in at her ankle.
so i called first steps and within a week
we had someone here to check her out.
she said that brette is a perfectly healthy,
intelligent baby... with flat feet.
dammit ronnie.
this is all his fault.
he has the feet of a platypus.
flattest feet this side of the mississippi.
and now our poor baby girl has them too.
since her feet do not have the normal arch,
her legs are not lining up with her hips,
which in turn,
gives brette a feeling of unbalance.
i asked about braces,
 but she thought that 
brette's case was mild enough that 
shoe inserts should do the trick.
they will give her the arch support she needs
and hopefully that will help
get her lined up and ready to walk.
in fact, she said that most children that deal with this
(her daughter included)
start walking within a week or two of getting the inserts.
fingers crossed!

when brette is older i can run to wal-mart
and grab some dr. scholls,
but for right now we have to special order
pedicatric inserts that run about $60.
luckily brette's feet are a lot like mine and run small.
if her feet keep growing like this we should probably only have to 
order her one pair a year.
the PT also recommended that we only 
have her wear tennis shoes.
she needs something that will give her extra support
and something that has laces. 
apparently shoes that lace up to their toes gives them 
pressure at the top of their foot that helps
with the insert.
unfortunately this means all those adorable ballet flats,
sandals and moccasins are only going to be for special occasions.
this also means, i get to go shoe shopping.
so its a win/lose situation.
the PT suggested we do this until brette is between
the ages of 3-5,
of course i'm leaning toward 5 because i want her 
to be as stable and perfect as possible.
she also said that when brette gets older and starts
playing sports that she might complain of knee or back pain,
but it will most likely stem from her feet.
if that happens she said we should get her some more inserts for her 
tennis shoes or cleats.
i really think i should get ronnie some while i'm at it.
i'm pretty sure his back problems might stem from his platypus feet too.

ps- ronnie is out of town right now
or i would have totally provided you with a picture
of just how flat and weird ronnie's feet are.
 maybe a future post?

Thursday, November 6, 2014

putting her to work

brette has gotten in on the action
when we're working on the house.
we're up there at least every other day,
if not everyday, 
so brette has had to tag along so we can get more done.
she actually does really well.
she fiddles around, plays with her toys
or our tools.
most days we have a little picnic lunch on the floor
and she takes her naps on a pallet on the floor.
i can't wait to have furniture
and actually live here,
but its nice that brette doesn't mind helping out in the mean time.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

sleep schedule

i've been meaning to write about this,
but i was waiting to see how it worked
and then it got lost in the whole moving - new house situation. 

brette only takes one nap a day.
we changed her schedule in august at only 14 months old.
i thought it was too young to only take one nap,
but at the time i was working more to help cover someone else's
maternity leave and we were hauling brette over to spend mid-day
with jaime, madeline and eden.
i had to actually wake her up from her nap in the morning
to get to work on time
and then i think she was excited to see me in the afternoons
and it was hard to put her down.
not like brette at all.
so we tried something new.
no nap in the morning,
eat an early lunch and
then nap time around 12:30.
it clicked.
even though i was hoping to make it
to 18 months before transitioning to one nap,
brette was ready for it.
she sleeps between two and three hours everyday.
i have to admit, i really love it.
it frees up more of my day and its a lot easier to plan around.
the only downside is,
if she doesn't take a good nap
she is a bear by bedtime.
but in those instances, i usually scooch 
bedtime up by 30 minutes. 
but the majority of the time,
this new schedule works excellent.

breakfast: 8:00
lunch: 11:30
nap: 12:30
snack: 4:00
dinner: 6:30
bedtime: 8:00