Wednesday, November 19, 2014

free tours

we were finishing up at the house for the day
and i quickly did a fast walk through video.
some of the rooms still don't have lights in them 
because we took them down to finish the ceilings,
so i apologize for the dark spots.
also, i didn't realize how loud kenny chesney 
was playing in the background.
consider it mood music.
and my video skills are a little shaky. 
you'll also notice our shelves out of the master closet
are in the dining room.
there is trash everywhere,
crap in the bedrooms.
brette's crawling around in dirt.
my mom is sweeping,
and my dad is still taking down wallpaper.
i mean, things are rough.
so please excuse the mess.
but hopefully this helps you get
 a better feel for the house.
 and maybe one day soon
i'll get to make another video
when everything looks one million times better.



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