Tuesday, November 18, 2014

busy bees

we had a busy weekend.
it started friday night after work.
i met up with my best friends to go out to dinner for kass's birthday.
we caught up on our lives and literally,
laughed until tears were rolling down.
everything was funny. especially this.

then saturday brian and jaime offered to
take brette to a bug exhibit at union station.
it was so helpful to get several uninterrupted hours
working on the house and B got to spend the day with her cousins.
i'm sure she loved that way more than watching us remove wallpaper.
 she was dropped off in time to head to dinner with
ronnie's side of the family.
we hadn't seen them in awhile so i made sure
to ask them to dinner just so we can see our family 
in the mists of our huge house renovation.
they hadn't seen our house yet, so after dinner we gave them the grand tour.
the house is a mess, so i'm excited to have them see the finished product
when its said and done.
i'm sure it seems a bit crazy right now.

on sunday we headed back up to the house and 
ronnie finished a project i have been hounding him about.
he took down the cabinets in between the kitchen and the family room.
i wanted this done right after the wall in the kitchen was taken down.
i think after a month of whining about it,
he finally gave in.
what a difference it makes! 
i love it.
and i'm pretty sure ronnie loves it too.

here is a before shot:
and after:
 and after:

i love how it opens the kitchen up to the family room
and makes it feel like one room.

and now when i stand in the kitchen i can see 
basically the whole downstairs.
just what i wanted.


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