Thursday, May 29, 2014

cancun - the wedding

kass and chris had a gorgeous beachside wedding.
the sky was blue,
the sun was shining
and the wind was strong.
[please excuse my hair by the end of the night,
the wind got the best of us] 



they had a lovely ceremony
with a few tears and lots of smiles.
they wrote their own vows,
which gets my automatic respect.
i can't imagine trying to put a lifetime of love and promises
into my own words.
ronnie and i decided 'i do' was good enough.
very romantic.
we spent the night dancing
and i spent the majority of time
trying to contain ronald.
he had a few too many and thought
he had moves like jager.
oh cheese.
but it was fun and i think kass loved every minute.


kass asked me to give a speech at her reception,
so i decided to take the fresh price of bel air rap
and redo it for our love story.
[her and i, not her and chris.]
i think it won her over.
plus i got to put my mad skillz to good use.
yo. yo.
i'm working on getting the video,
i'll post it when i do.

this is how i got down:
Now, this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute
Just stay on your ass
I'll tell ya’ll how I met my best friend, Kass
West of Warrensburg we were born and raised
On the playground was where I spent most of my days
Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool
I was chasing some boys outside of school
i was rockin kindergarten and on the very first day
I met a blonde little girl and man, I gotta say

She was skinny as a rail and her teeth were kind of big
But her heart and her tie dye were what I dig.
She was impressed with my duds, purple head to toe.
And from that moment on our friendship would grow.
I remember bradley baker and z cav jeans
I threw grass in her face once.  Man was I mean.
I was her first sleep over, but eh, she didn’t stay
she missed her mamma too much and went back on her way

I remember rolling dirty in the lumina with natty
I remember sneaking out and lying straight to her daddy.
We curled each other’s hair and picked out each other’s clothes
We had each other’s back with friends and with foes.
She was the first one there when I had my baby girl
And I tried to be a shoulder when her mamma left this world.
There is no one I can think of who deserves this more.
Here’s to happiness and health and not being poor.
Now if everybody will join me and lift up their glass.
I’d like to make a toast to Chris and Kass.

great wedding.
great vacation.
i want to go back.

and now it might be mandatory to vacation as a group.
best. time. ever.
and a huge congratulations to
mr. and mrs. dewitt.


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

cancun - the gluttony

i had quite the time in cancun.
so. much. fun.
we had a few days before the wedding
so we decided to test our limits.
i mean, we are not in our 20's anymore,
but we gave it our best shot.
it involved a lot of  miami vices, beer, shots,
sand volleyball, laying out at the beach,
  cards against humanity and buffets.
it was glorious.
and i have the pictures to prove it.
there also might be a picture of
all of the girls
in swimsuits
in a human pyramid.
but some things are meant to be kept private.



and if you want my advice,
spray tan before you go.
believe me, its worth it.
viva la mexico!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

and i'm out

i took a blogger vacation so
i could go on a real vacation to cancun.
my bff, kassie, got married and i was so excited to celebrate with her.
actually, the last time ronnie and i were in mexico,
 we were with her and her fiancĂ©.

(two years ago in cozumel)
i left brette for FIVE days with her grandparents.
and yes, i was a bit sad to go.
i just had this fear that she would think that i left her
and that's kind of devastating.
but i knew she was in good hands and
i knew that she [and i] would live through this.
even if it was bit rough.
on both of us.
 let's just say
i went through a lot of corona.

only, it wasn't hard on both of us.
just me.
she lived it up at mimi and papa's like a trooper.
the perfect angel.
it's cool, brette.
act like you didn't miss me.

i have a lot of fun stories from mexico
and some amazing pictures, but i'm too busy cuddling my sweet girl.
in the meantime you can live off these
a d o r a b l e
pictures of brette from the last few weeks that never got posted.
brette and ronnie working on the jeep. and yes, she is completely under the thing.

brette and her grandpa mel "riding" his harley.

me and b - - a little blurry
family lunch date and brette's first ice cream cone.
she devoured it and then started yelling for more so we had to leave.
yes, i have THAT kid.

brette's first pigtails.
a real moment for me.
i'll be back soon with a full
recap of mexico
after the long weekend.

Monday, May 19, 2014

tikes on bikes

when ronnie and i found ourselves some sa-weet
vintage bikes we decided that bike rides need to happen every season.
then i got pregnant and it totally didn't happen.
but brian and jaime offered up their child bike carrier
and we decided to load up brette and hit the roads again.
and let me tell you,
i've never seen my girl happier.
she was seriously squealing.
we had to try it out just up and down the sidewalk,
but once we bought her a helmet, we hit the roads.

just look at that smile.