Sunday, May 25, 2014

and i'm out

i took a blogger vacation so
i could go on a real vacation to cancun.
my bff, kassie, got married and i was so excited to celebrate with her.
actually, the last time ronnie and i were in mexico,
 we were with her and her fiancé.

(two years ago in cozumel)
i left brette for FIVE days with her grandparents.
and yes, i was a bit sad to go.
i just had this fear that she would think that i left her
and that's kind of devastating.
but i knew she was in good hands and
i knew that she [and i] would live through this.
even if it was bit rough.
on both of us.
 let's just say
i went through a lot of corona.

only, it wasn't hard on both of us.
just me.
she lived it up at mimi and papa's like a trooper.
the perfect angel.
it's cool, brette.
act like you didn't miss me.

i have a lot of fun stories from mexico
and some amazing pictures, but i'm too busy cuddling my sweet girl.
in the meantime you can live off these
a d o r a b l e
pictures of brette from the last few weeks that never got posted.
brette and ronnie working on the jeep. and yes, she is completely under the thing.

brette and her grandpa mel "riding" his harley.

me and b - - a little blurry
family lunch date and brette's first ice cream cone.
she devoured it and then started yelling for more so we had to leave.
yes, i have THAT kid.

brette's first pigtails.
a real moment for me.
i'll be back soon with a full
recap of mexico
after the long weekend.

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