Tuesday, May 6, 2014

dreams don't work unless you do

well guys.
it happened.
for the last year,
i've been telling ronnie this:
but i decided to join the workforce once again.
kind of.
nothing too crazy.
just part-time, mondays and fridays.
exactly what i wanted.
but they are 10 hour days so i'll still get to bank 20 hrs a week.
you want to know the very best part?
my mom agreed to watch brette for me.
as of right now, ronnie is working
10 hour days monday through thursday.
 so he'll have her on fridays
and my mom gets her on mondays.
it couldn't have worked out more perfectly.
i get to earn a little bit of extra cash without
having to pay for part-time child care.
AND i still get to spend five days a week
with my sweet little girl.
i don't start for several more weeks,
but hopefully its a really easy transition for us.
all of us:
me, my mom, ronnie and brette

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