Monday, May 12, 2014

brette: eleven months

brette had a little viral infection last weekend
so i ended up taking her to the doctor and
she weighed 20lbs 11ozs.
(41st percentile)
according to ronnie's measuring tape she is still around 30 inches in length.
she's still sporting size 3 diapers and
is mostly wearing 12 month clothing.
the doctor told me that i might need to keep some motrin on hand
 because she is cutting her one year molars AND has five other teeth coming in.
holy, chompers.
she seems fine though.
she chews on her fingers a lot
but it hasn't interrupted her sleeping.
thank god.
 her hair keeps growing in the back,
but not so much in the front
so i'm pretty sure we're going to end up with a pretty sweet mullet.
that should be great in pictures.
no "crawling" but there is movement.
i'll take what i can get.

she sleeps from 8:00 - 6:30 every night.
it's a pretty early start for me,
but i'll take it, considering i get to sleep the through the night.
she takes two naps a day.
the first at 9:00 and
the second around 2:00.
recently her naps have been 2 to 2.5 hours long.
that is totally abnormal.
a normal day they last 1.5 hours.
maybe she's going through a growth spurt?
feeding brette is my favorite thing.
this little girl loves to eat
and ronnie and i love to watch her.
there aren't many things i won't give her,
but she still hasn't had nuts, honey, granola, bacon, chips, etc.
anything i think it too chewy or too hard.
i can load up her tray and she knows
to chew what's in her mouth before stuffing more in.
i used to give her only a couple pieces at a time
and she would just put as much in her mouth as possible.
glad we've moved past that.
i can even give her a cracker without breaking it into pieces.
it made me nervous at first, but she does really well with it.
as for milk and bottles:
we are no longer nursing as of a couple days ago,
so she is strictly getting either formula or the breastmilk i have frozen.
i think my frozen supply will only last another week,
so i was thinking about starting to mix cows milk and formula
the beginning of june.
maybe that will help her transition to just milk soon after she turns one.
i can't wait for that.
i am o.v.e.r. buying formula.
i really wished i could have pumped more.
stupid boobs.
she will take milk out of a sippy cup, by straw or a bottle,
so i think giving up her bottle will be easy.
i'm not gonna try that until this summer.
don't want to change her routine too fast and all at once.

 she is babbling all. the. time.
and her new thing is pointing.
she points at everything.
then we have to take her to see whatever it is
she's pointing at and we tell her the name of it.
hopefully that helps build her language.
she says all kinds of things,
but no true words yet.
we have started teaching her blowing kisses
and giving high-fives.
she thinks both are hilarious.
she signs for a drink brilliantly
and i love knowing when she is thirsty.
can't wait for more of the sign language to kick in.

we hung a swing on a tree in our backyard
and she really likes to go for a swing.
we also have been laying a blanket on our back deck
so we can sit outside and play.
she is mostly interested in eating the helicopters that fall off
the tree so i spend a lot of time clearing the area of those.
i think her favorite thing are animals.
she loves everyone's dogs and cats when we visit people
and she loves finding louie and leia at our house.
she is definitely a social butterfly.
she loves being out of the house and on the go.
our days are much easier when we have a lot to do.
she gets more cranky when we stay at home all day.
i love it because i always prefer to be out doing something
so its nice that brette craves that too.
 started pointing
she wore her first pair of separates for jammies.
(i know this is small, but it felt so weird not putting her in a onesie for bed)
she went potty in the potty!
(more on this later)
i can't believe my little one will be a year
next month.
it's true what they say about being a stay-at-home mom...
the days are long and years go by fast.

and if you notice,
i set her down on the green and blue flowers
and by then end she is over by the dresser.
see?  definitely "moving."


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