Thursday, April 12, 2018

demo day

we signed the papers and ronnie immediately 
started demoing the new house. 
within the first three days all the flooring had been 
ripped out, both bathrooms were down to the studs,
the kitchen wall and basement wall had been knocked down,
all the trim was removed, staples were pulled out of the floor,
tact strips ripped up and we even removed a whole 
section of the kitchen counters.
cale also managed to frame in brette's new closet, our
utility closet and the master closet. 
wahoo! it was definitely a productive weekend. 
it was WAY more than i thought we were doing and
this "little" house remodel has already taken on a 
life of it's own.  
every where i look we have already changed our 
minds and added something different.
it's all good changes that will be for the best, 
but i'm worried that our 6-8 week timeline might
have been blown out of the water. 
i'm just praying by some miracle that we're moved in by JULY.
i wish we didn't work and this house was all we did, but i'm just
waiting to hand it over to our drywall guy and move forward. 
i need to walk through the house and take pictures and a video.
it's on my list for this weekend. 
i hope i can actually show you what's going on. 
it's crazy town.

meanwhile, my kids are loving life living at 
my parent's. a lot. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

moving easter weekend

we are all moved out and the papers have been signed.
last friday ronnie and jason spent the day trying 
to finish up our house.
i met up with them after work and we got a ton done.
it was so nice because that left me both saturday and 
sunday to focus on the girls and really enjoy easter. 
i think ronnie got a little overwhelmed on saturday...
maybe it was all hitting him or something? but he had
to take a mental health day and get some alone time.
it's so funny how we all handle big changes differently. 
but he was in top shape again for easter so i'm glad he
recognizes when he needs to step away. 
easter was a lot of fun.
i dyed eggs with the girls - which ps- reid was too young.
do NOT try dying eggs with a two year old. 
she was a holy mess by the end and i was afraid i permanently
stained my mother's counter tops. (luckily it came out)
but reid was so mad that i made her stop playing in the dye 
that she cracked all her eggs. 
p e r f e c t. 
brian and his girls spent the night so we all went to church together.
all the girls looked so cute in their sunday best and
they did a great job during church of sitting nicely together. 
my whole family came over for easter dinner, both lamb and ham were made. 
my contribution was pie and i made my first lemon meringue.
it was actually more complicated than i thought it was going to be, 
and i'm glad it tried it while at my parent's so they could guide me. 
unfortunately for easter, the weather did not cooperate. 
we had both snow and thunder for easter.  crazy stuff in april. 
no outdoor easter egg hunts or pretty spring dresses.
we were bundled up in tights and sweaters and made do
with an indoor egg hunt. 

i already looked up easter 2019 and it's in late april.
fingers crossed for a sunny day. 
then it was back to work on monday and tuesday night,
we met at the realty office and signed the paperwork 
officially handing over our lee's summit house. 
it was definitely bittersweet and i made ronnie stop there after
to take one last picture (photo taken by brette). 

so here we are, a couple days away from taking ownership 
of our home in warrensburg and gearing up for a big renovation.
please send good vibes, lots of prayers and nice weather our way.
i'd really really really like this to go smoothly.
i'll keep you updated on our progress. 
in the meantime, i'm chilling here, in my parent's basement,
living the dream.