Saturday, August 25, 2018

school daze

monday will be our second full week of school.
so far, brette says she likes kindergarten better
than pre-school and she thinks her teacher, 
mrs. munterman, is nice. 
we don't get much else out of her. 
i try to ask her about her day but she's not
telling me a whole lot. 
i'm so excited for everything she'll learn this year.
i'm especially interested to see her begin to read. 
i hope she loves it as much as i do.
i look forward to the days when we can both sit down
with a good book before bed and read together. 

ronnie or i have been making her lunch everyday and
i get to take her and pick her up from school.
there was a small mishap on the second day when they 
put her on a bus to go to an after-school program and then
there i am waiting forever in the car rider line, just
to have them tell me she wasn't there.
it freaked me out a little and it freaked brette out a lot.
she told me she cried on the bus because she 
thought i would never find her again.
poor thing. 
don't worry. 
i made sure both the school and the after-school program
knew that she was a car rider ONLY kid.

meanwhile, reid started at her new preschool in warrensburg too.
i was more nervous for this than for brette.
i obviously trust the school district and know 
brette is in a good safe place.
there's little unease about a new preschool because until you've 
been going there for awhile, you're can't be certain what goes on.
the best thing?
reid has not cried once.
when brette started school at three there were lots of tears. 
i was shocked when reid was like - peace out, mom and 
went off with complete strangers. 
and she seems to like it. 
she never complains about going or cries during drop off.
it makes leaving her somewhere new a little easier. 

i think both the girls have good starts to the year. 
i'll keep you posted. 

can you spot reid in her new class?

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

a little break

the girls had their last day of school at our lady of the presentation. 
i was super sad to say goodbye to such a wonderful school and
their amazing teachers, ms. kay and ms. susie.
look at them at the beginning of this year:
and now:

literally, i'm still not over it.
presentation closes down for a week before they start their fall semester and
since the girls weren't starting in warrensburg until the middle of august,
we scheduled a little family vacation down in gulf shores, alabama. 
i had never been but i know the destin/pensicola area enough to
know that the sand would be white and the ocean would be pretty.
good enough for me. 
(plus its wildly cheaper than the 30A area)
at first, ronnie and i thought we would fly down there... 
14 hours in a car with a 5 yr old and a 3 yr old is a special kind of torture.
BUT after realizing that we would have to buy 4 plane tickets because
both girls are now old enough for their own seat, we rethought driving.
hello $1700! 
plus, we would have needed to rent a car anyway, so why not take our
own and forget the hassel of packing car seats. 
blah. driving.
i'm happy to report that although the drive was loooooong, 
(so long that i think my hip is broken. yes, i'm that old.)
the girls did a wonderful job.
yes, there was fighting and screaming, but for the most part,
they would eat snacks, color, watch movies or sleep. 
ronnie and i made sure to stop at a chick-fila on the way there 
and back to give the girls the opportunity to run and play during our break.
in fact, we didn't even have them eat. 
we ordered their food to-go and let them run wild the whole time we were there.
i figured they could eat in the car and i would rather have them
burn some energy while they could. 
once we got to golf shores i was pleasantly surprised by our condo.
i booked this back in the spring and kind of forgot what i rented. 
we were basically in the penthouse of a condominium. 
both sides overlooked water and there was a pool and tennis court.
we had a full kitchen, living room, two bedrooms and two-n-half baths. 
it was perfect.
we went grocery shopping the first day there so we could
eat some meals at home. 
we only ate out once a day, which made it easy to swim or play at the beach
as long as possible because you didn't have to worry about 
changing clothes or getting ready for lunch. 
i loved it. 
the girls loved swimming. 
we went to both the pool and the beach everyday. 
gulf shores is also a nice little town with lots of 
restaurants, ice cream shops, a cute little park on the beach and shops.
i tried to read reviews before we went out so we
could just do the best things, since we weren't in town that much.
we loved a place called The Hangout and i would suggest 
going if you're down that way.
live music, beer, foam machine, good food, and a play place for kids.
it backs to the beach so we spent a whole afternoon here and then 
walked out to the beach that evening. 

it's nice to get away and it makes ronnie and i both want to go 
and do more and more. 
i hope since the kids are out of that baby stage, we will.
(i can't imagine vacation life when you don't have to worry about naps either)
we made it back yesterday and tomorrow the girls both start school in warrensburg. 
i cannot believe i have a kindergartner. 
she told me yesterday that she's scared and happy.
i'm excited for her. 
we went to meet her teacher yesterday and she seems sweet.
she's a great combo of 15 years experience but still young.
i think brette is going to like her.
i hope they both have great experiences this year. 
i've been skeptical that pulling them out of Presentation is the best 
decision, so i have my fingers crossed that this will prove
to be the best place for my kids.

first day of school pics to follow.
i'm just praying Brette lets me pick out her outfit.