Tuesday, June 26, 2012

royally hot

we went to our first royals games this season
and picked the hottest day of the freaking year.
1:10 on a sunday with a 107 degree heat index.
oh and we took/tortured a poor kid too.
ronnie's nephew, tyler, had never been to a game
so we thought it would be a good birthday present.
i think he enjoyed all the "family fun day" activities
at kauffman, but the extreme heat was a bit much for him.
i kept refilling water bottles:
two to drink and one to dump over tyler's head.
we lasted until the bottom of the 8th,
but once the royals started royally losing
and we were drenched in our own sweat,
we called it a day and headed home.

happy freaking birthday.
dang it.
and i thought it was going to be so cool.

Friday, June 22, 2012

27 dresses

i bought a new outfit.

and even though i have a closet filled with dresses,
i thought i needed another one.

it was too cute and too on sale not to buy.
that's what i told ronnie.

the dress.

the purse.

the shoes.

i loved everything.

thank you dorothy perkins, charming charlie, and dsw.
now i just need ronnie to build me a walk-in closet. 

someone tell him to get on that.  

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


ahhh the turners.
there's something to that name.
and yes, i wish it were still mine.
so over the weekend ronnie and i made the treck
to the lake of the ozarks
to spend a few quality days with all the other turners.
our first family reunion.
and the first time i've seen some of these people in 10 years.
we had fun.
 we met up at shorty pants - a restaurant bar on the lake,

where i had the most amazing shrimp po boy ever.
i mean it.

the next morning we split up.
some went shopping at the outlet mall.

others went to the pool.
isn't madeline adorable?

Photo: thinking about it http://instagr.am/p/L8TERHIeoG/

that afternoon we all met up again at my cousin's house

and lined up for family photos.
first, the original turners.
my aunt, uncle and dad (with spouses)

and their kids.
brian and i, connie and melinda, and doug. 
we're only missing chris.
notice doug?
my brother is 6'2 and clearly looking short in this pic.
doug is about 7'1.
holy mother, right?

and then our kids.
(not mine, obvi)
you can see the age range.
two to eighteen.

we spent the days drinking/eating/playing games and catching up.
it was fun and i hope we don't have to wait another 10 years to do it again.

 the next morning we took dad out for breakfast for father's day.

and then headed home.

it was relaxing.
and wah la.
my weekend in pictures.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

top two

i search these songs out on the radio.
they're my favorite right now.
pretty sure they'll never get old.


(alex clare - too close)

(eric church - springsteen)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

a timeline

sometimes i feel like all i'm doing is planning my next big weekend.
that's how summer is around here.
and the ol' blog has suffered.
my apologies.
but i have good excuses.
please refer to my calendar:

weekend #1 - marge, todd and crosby came for a visit and i had all my best friends over.

weekend #2 - i celebrated being 10 years senior a high school graduate.
it was quite the work and in the end,
i couldn't wait for it to be freaking over just so i didn't have to stress anymore.
but i had fun and i think so did the other 100 people that showed.
too bad i forgot my camera.

weekend #3 - ronnie and i are headed to the lake of the ozarks so the turner side of my family can all get together.  this will also be a first in 10 years.

weekend #4 - miss madeline is turning 2 and i can't wait to celebrate with her.
ronnie and i also bought tyler (my nephew on ronzo's side) royals tickets, so we will be spending sunday afternoon at the K.

weekend #5 - ronnie and i are headed to denver for a concert a red rocks.
i cannot freaking wait for vacation.

weekend #6 - ronaldo turns 33. i have a dinner planned with linds and turnbow, a tattoo appointment and a big party with his friends.

weekend #7 - our first weekend off

but the weeks that follow involve a james taylor concert with my family, bridal showers, a concert with friends at the state fair, a road trip to herman for a bachelorette and float trip.

so basically what i'm saying is - call me next september.
until then,
i'm busy.

and having a blast.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

let it burn

i got off work today at 1:00
so i thought i would take advantage of the amazing afternoon
and the fact that i am totally involved with the fifty shades of grey series
and read on the deck.

i spent a little too much time here

getting all hot and bothered over my romantic porno novels

until i realized i was just hot and burned.

send some aloe.
and perhaps some leg make-up for my 10 year class reunion this weekend.
fuck me - i'm going to look like ross after the spray tan episode.
except red.

ps- i just finished book 2 - bring on number 3!

Sunday, June 3, 2012