Wednesday, October 31, 2018

all hallow's eve

in warrensburg they do a big halloween downtown 
so that's what i thought we'd do for the night.
especially since we don't live in a neighborhood and 
my parent's neighborhood is full of older adults that no longer
do trick-or-treating. 
shannon and lindsay have the same problem i do (no neighborhood).
lindsay said downtown wasn't that fun - just a bunch of 
standing in lines at storefronts. 
shannon offered up her parent's house and neighborhood because
it's full of kids and they do halloween right. 
lindsay opted out to hang with her parent's. 
my parents and drew's parents all met us and the kids
at shannon's parents house for a chili dinner and group trick-or-treating.
it was the best idea ever. 
the kids had an amazing time.
brette and graham ran around the neighborhood like crazy people. 
reid, paige and haddie did their best to keep up and it was adorable. 
we've decided to make it an annual tradition. 
i can't wait until next year already.

(ps- brette was jojo siwa and brette was a cheerleader)

Monday, October 22, 2018

fall fun

we've been having a lot of fun over here.
we took a trip to the pumpkin patch,
except instead of traveling to the city, we went to the local 
one in warrensburg and it was wonderful.
a lot cheaper and a lot closer to home. 
the girls had fun and made us ride the hayride twice
just so we could stay on a bit longer. 
we bought pumpkins, kettle corn and found
our way through the corn maze. 
it was a good day.
Image may contain: 4 people, including Brooke Turner Cox, people smiling

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we followed that up with a visit from margie
and her three kids.
we met her for dinner at shan's and kass came down too.
nights like these are my favorite. 
sometimes its nice to do nothing with your favorite people. 
the next day everyone came to my house and we let the kids run wild.
it was a short trip, but i love having marge in town, 
so even if it's just for 24 hours, i'll take it. 
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and then last, our annual family fall day.
we didn't make applebutter this year, so it was a chill
day with a shit ton of food, some outdoor games and 
a sunset hayride.
the four girls got to spend the afternoon together so they
of course think its the best day ever. 
i personally like family fall day without the applebutter -
everyone's more relaxed and there's not a lot involved. 
i'm already looking forward to next year.
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next up?
wearing gearing up for halloween, our 
TEN YEAR anniversary, a wedding and 
then thanksgiving. 
it's going fast. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

nothing exciting over here

so i think about blogging all the time but
right now i'm working a lot from home. 
my manager quit in june and for the last four
months, i've been a one person team.
since i only work in the office from 
9:00 to 3:00, i come home and 
do more during the evenings. 
add that on top of making dinner and 
taking care of two kids - - i don't have
much to blog about.
i definitely feel like work, dinner, bath and repeat. 
also, apparently its monsoon season so
we haven't even gotten to go to the 
apple orchard or pumpkin patch this year.
i'm crossing my fingers this weekend is nicer
so we can go do something fun as a family.
we have family photos scheduled in two weeks
and i'm super excited for that.
we're going back to the lady who did our newborn pics
and she always does an amazing job.
(now i just have to come up with what we will all wear, 
which stresses me out.)

i should also note, that ronnie completed the fireplace.
say whaaaa!
i'm very excited. 
it looks SO FREAKING GOOD and this
means we are only one project away 
(tile master shower) from being done with the house...
for this year.
keep in mind we still have to build a new deck and
get new siding.
so basically, we still have the exterior to do, 
but all in good time.
i'm just excited to have our living room done. 
feels like home.
i'll post before and after shots next.