Tuesday, October 30, 2012

making a list

there's been a lot of laziness going on:
making sure my dvr doesn't get too full.
relying on wendy's for dinner.
stuff like that.
but i have been going to the gym
or long walks with lindsay after work.
that makes me feel a little less worthless.
i think the days getting shorter does this to me.
if it's dark,
i find the need to be at home.
i do not dare venture out on errands once the sun has set.
but i would like to come out of my lazy haze
because i have made an official list of house projects
for ronnie and i to get done this winter.

1. paint/fix the ceiling in the living room
(that spot has been painted but not fixed and the whole ceiling needs a fresh coat)

2. paint/fix the ceiling in the basement
(a very short time after we got the basement completely finished,
the ceiling in the back bedroom cracked. and then so did ronnie's will to live.)

3. stencil one wall in my master bedroom
(we have a headboard now, but i still thinks it needs a little something more.)

4. put in a new shower in the master bathroom
(it's gonna be a cracker box no matter what,
but at least it will be new and easy to clean.)
this is the one i like - not the one we have.

that's it.
pretty doable.
nothing should take more than a weekend
and i seriously think this would be the "finishing" touches to make our house
and it would be nice to be done.

well, unless you count furniture that still needs to be bought.
because that's a whole other list.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

bump, set, spike it!

i loved volleyball in high school.
(minus the mean coaches who benched me until i quit,
but that's beside the point!)

when the bank put together a team,
i decided to join.
even though i hadn't played in forever
and was little nervous about sucking.

every wednesday night,
i drove out to blue springs
and got my game on.
we lost.
a lot.
but i still had so much fun.

the season is over,
and i'm a little sad to see it go.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

boots and sweaters

the key to fall fashion is boots and sweaters.
and while its a warm 77 here in lee's summit,
i'm still gearing up for my favorite fashion season of the year.
sweater, boots, leggings - check.
sweater, boots, skirt - check.
sweater, boots, jeans - check.
sweater, boots, dress - check.
sweater, boots, shorts, tights - check.

and speaking of boots...
i happen to buy a couple new pair,
along with some adorable oxfords.

aren't they amazing?
i can thank my parents for those.
happy birthday to me!

another tip?
take dresses that you would normally consider out of season
and put a sweater over top of it.
pair it with some tights
and give it a fall look.
plus it makes your seasonal clothing,
wearable all year long.

Monday, October 15, 2012

the most important meal of the day

the last few weeks ronzo and i have been
going on little sunday morning dates.

i love going out for breakfast. 
it's relaxing to sleep in and then get waited on.
i'm sounding lazy, i know.
and that's why this past saturday
i decided to make little breakfast casserole muffins
that would last several days.
and they are super healthy,
which is good, because i'm back on the diet train.
choo. choo.

you'll need:
flour tortillas
ground turkey sausage
(i bought the precooked frozen kind from jimmy dean's)
egg whites
shredded cheese

grab your muffin pans and grease them.
next cut the flour tortillas into fourths.
(i cut up three to make a dozen)
press them into the muffins pans.
next add:
a spoonful of cooked turkey sausage
and a spoonful of salsa.
pour eggs whites to cover
and top with shredded cheese.
bake at 350 for 20-25 mins.

sorry i don't have exact measurements, but
you can always add more of something if it's your favorite.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

october 14

sometimes you just have those
sundays that seem perfect.
the weather is beautiful and everything is easy.

ronnie and i had one of those days today.

after lounging in bed until nine
and missing church, which is very unlike the good christian people we truly are. 
hey mom, that was for you.
[insert two thumbs-up here]
we took off for a little hike around lake jacomo.
we met my parents for lunch.
we ran a few errands.
i did a little crafting.
ronnie worked on his jeep.
we made dinner.
and then we went on a jeep ride.

right now i am cuddling my puppies in bed
and i just wanted to document today.

a perfect sunday.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

welcome to the jungle

i am kind of proud of myself.
i've officially kept
plants alive
all summer. 

(ronnie gets the majority of the credit. 
he was a watering fool in july and august.)

but now, here comes cold weather
and two of my plants are tropical.
so i brought my grandmother turner's old table up from the basement
and tried to make a home for them for the next couple seasons.

does anyone know... will they die here?
it's a south facing window.
my only other option for a big window would face the east.
which is better?

and another (more important) thing,
does it look stupid?
do we like a table full of plants in the dining room?
i can't decide.

sanku for the help.

Monday, October 8, 2012

it's the most wonderful time of the year

my favorite.
what is better than this?

Pinned Image

and i always have a bunch of fun ideas for the season,
but it's easier if i just take this list from pinterest:

Pinned Image

i've busted out my boots, scarves

i've hung spider webs
and orange lights.

i decorated the inside
and ronnie took care of the outside.
plus, we plan on busting out our homemade ghosts again this year
when it's closer to halloween.

i've made plans to go to a haunted house, corn maze,
the louisburg cider mill and fall family fun day.

i've eaten caramel apples
and chili.

i am officially celebrating the season.
hope you're out enjoying it too!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

my machine

ronnie and i had a date night to florence and the machine
at one point she actually sprinted across the whole amphitheatre through the crowd.
it was crazy.
and she was fast.
after she was done,
she kept right on singing.
like it didn't phase her.
i told ronnie that she must be in good shape doing these concerts every night.
he retorted that this is probably why she was so skinny.
i think the suggestion was:
i need to become a singer and dance around a crazy stage every night.
then i would be skinny.

but until that happens,
i'll just watch her do her thing.
since it was amazing and all.
and i'm sure that burns calories too.
even the one song i may or may not have sat down to.