Tuesday, October 23, 2012

boots and sweaters

the key to fall fashion is boots and sweaters.
and while its a warm 77 here in lee's summit,
i'm still gearing up for my favorite fashion season of the year.
sweater, boots, leggings - check.
sweater, boots, skirt - check.
sweater, boots, jeans - check.
sweater, boots, dress - check.
sweater, boots, shorts, tights - check.

and speaking of boots...
i happen to buy a couple new pair,
along with some adorable oxfords.

aren't they amazing?
i can thank my parents for those.
happy birthday to me!

another tip?
take dresses that you would normally consider out of season
and put a sweater over top of it.
pair it with some tights
and give it a fall look.
plus it makes your seasonal clothing,
wearable all year long.

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