Tuesday, October 30, 2012

making a list

there's been a lot of laziness going on:
making sure my dvr doesn't get too full.
relying on wendy's for dinner.
stuff like that.
but i have been going to the gym
or long walks with lindsay after work.
that makes me feel a little less worthless.
i think the days getting shorter does this to me.
if it's dark,
i find the need to be at home.
i do not dare venture out on errands once the sun has set.
but i would like to come out of my lazy haze
because i have made an official list of house projects
for ronnie and i to get done this winter.

1. paint/fix the ceiling in the living room
(that spot has been painted but not fixed and the whole ceiling needs a fresh coat)

2. paint/fix the ceiling in the basement
(a very short time after we got the basement completely finished,
the ceiling in the back bedroom cracked. and then so did ronnie's will to live.)

3. stencil one wall in my master bedroom
(we have a headboard now, but i still thinks it needs a little something more.)

4. put in a new shower in the master bathroom
(it's gonna be a cracker box no matter what,
but at least it will be new and easy to clean.)
this is the one i like - not the one we have.

that's it.
pretty doable.
nothing should take more than a weekend
and i seriously think this would be the "finishing" touches to make our house
and it would be nice to be done.

well, unless you count furniture that still needs to be bought.
because that's a whole other list.

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