Wednesday, November 7, 2012

halloween, a week late


i had a festive halloween.
two parties
and two costumes
in one weekend.
i don't think i've pulled that off since college.

we were wayne and garth - - and then a hunter and an electrician.

the first party was at our house.
since kiddos were involved
and i had a prego mom on the roster,
i wanted to have a few activities
to make things more fun.


plus, my friends are a little jealous of
all my family fall fun days
so i wanted to give them a little piece of that.
i had a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood,
hanging apple eating contest,
a fire pit complete with hale bales
and of course, booze.

Photo: one of my favorite pics from the halloween party

the scavenger hunt and apple contest were fun
but we never made it outside to the fire.
i think the booze kicked in and that got skipped.

so if anyone is interested,
ronnie and i have a sweet set up in the back yard.
complete with all the fixings for smores.

ps- interested in doing an "adult" scavenger hunt?  just make a list, pick teams, and give everyone a couple beers for the walk.  so. much. fun. i had them take pictures with their phones of the items on the list to see who found the most things.  mine was fall themed, but it could be in any season.

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