Monday, November 12, 2012

if you look hard enough, you can always find something to buy yourself

pottery barn got me.
i mean, i don't know how a 20-something childless lady
gets put on the pottery barn kids mailing list,
but i couldn't help but look through it.
it.   is.   adorable.
if i were rich aunt brooke,
instead of just aunt brooke
my nieces and nephew would own half the magazine.
but alas, i can't see spending $45 plus shipping
on a robe that a kid is going to outgrown in 6 months.
too bad.
but i can justify some amazing christmas stockings
that will get used year after year after year.
i guess i found my own weak spot.
so i dug into ronald's wallet, got out our trusty credit card
and made my purchase.
i even bought two of the striped littler ones for leia and louie.
they should be here by next week.
and hung promptly in my house the weekend after thanksgiving.

i can't wait.

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