Wednesday, November 28, 2012

jingle bells, batman smells

my friends keep me motivated.
i mean, if all the mothers i know are out there
crafting away like mad women,
then i can to.

so i decided that i was finally going to make my
jingle bell wreath. 
my current christmas wreath was purchased from
wal-mart 5 years ago when ronzo and i
still lived in the townhouse.
back then my house was decorated in
left over college pieces, along with my mom's hand-me-downs.
it was not cute.
this wreath is not cute.
imagine plastic greenery
with gold accents.
plastic, as in rubbery.

so since i had to run to hobby lobby to buy
new white taper candles for my dining room table,
i thought i would pick up everything else i needed
for my new wreath.
then i picked up three boxes of jingle bells and
decided to go on the hunt for foam wreaths.
i walked and walked
sounding like a million santa claus's heading down the aisle with me.
nope, sorry folks, its just me and my boxes of bells.
i gave up, shoved everything on a shelf and left.

merry freaking christmas,
i need a cart.

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