Thursday, November 8, 2012

eight things on the eighth

i had an interview at the bank today.
i'm trying to psych myself up
for a position i'm not sure about.
i think it went well.

i voted.
and my guy lost.
i hated it.
but that's all i'll say,
because who really cares about anyone else's political beliefs.

i found the best [new to me] blog.
she posts outfits everyday
 and tell exactly where she got the clothes.
but the best part?  this shit is cheap.
and her ideas are good.

i made chicken and rice casserole
but used cream of mushroom soup
instead of cream of chicken because
it's all i had.
i don't recommend it. 

ronnie spent more time and money on the jeep.
but now it is lifted and has bigger wheels and tires.
he's happy.
the amount of time he spent in the freezing garage is unimaginable.
i seriously would have cried.
and given up.
but ronnie seems to enjoy this crap,
so i let it go. 

i'm dying sections of my hair
an auburn color.
but i'm leaving the blonde ends.
i think it will look cool.
i can't wait.

i'm in the market for a new laptop.
i know nothing about which computer is best.

i started christmas shopping
and have three people done.
only ten more to go.

hope you had a good eighth of november!


  1. Thanks for the blog recommendation, I just added her to my list. And I recently bought my first MacBook & like it. I'm still getting used to the differences & tricks but so far it's a big improvement from my PC