Tuesday, July 31, 2012

feather nails

i saw on E! a new trend:
feather nails.
so i tried it.

not sure i liked it.
i think it would have been cuter
if i had used brighter colored feathers.
since my feathers were brown, black and white
from a distance, it looked like i had cheetah nails,
and that ain't my thing.

but it was pretty easy.
i did a coat of clear nail polish
applied the feather,
then did another coat of clear nail polish.
actually i did the top coat of gold glitter,
but you could do anything.
i cut off the ends of the feather so they would fit on my nails.
and let it dry.
you could also do it with a colored nail polish
and a top it with a clear coat.
lots of options.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

super fly

ronnie and i will celebrate our four year anniversary this fall.
i feel that in four years, you get to know a person.
not much surprises me anymore.
i mean, sure, every once in awhile you get a glimpse at a something you didn't know.
for instance, while on our road trip to colorado, ronnie busted out his love
for phil collins and his greatest hit cd.
um, no.

but recently, ronnie dropped a bomb.

my beer drinking, truck driving, harley riding, dirty bird husband
would like to incorporate turquoise jewelry into his style.
but only after the age of fifty.
yes, that's right.
ronaldo is preplanning his accessories 20 years in advance.
and not well, i might add.
now i have 20 years to talk him out of it.
or who knows, maybe by the time we reach our silver anniversary,
i'll be the one buying it for him as a gift.
but i doubt it.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


golden was a nice change.
definitely out of the city.
there are no chains here -
no mcdonald's or walmart.
it's all cafes, diners, and local stores.
in fact, you could find these "buy local" stickers most places:

i loved
the little river that runs through town,
coors tour,
lookout mountain,
buffalo bill's grave
and, of course,
red rocks.
it was the perfect ending to our trip.


after denver, we spent a day in boulder.
we found fun places to eat,
went hiking,
and ventured down the infamous pearl street.
out of all the places i've been in colorado,
i can see myself living in boulder the most.
everything was so clean.
plus you were closer to the mountains than in denver.


when ronnie and i made our way
over the river and through the plains
we stopped in denver for two days.
i had never really spent any significant time there
and it was fun to explore the city.
five things i loved:
1) their green initiative for bike riding.  they have little bike terminals all over the city, so once ronnie and i parked at the hotel, we literally never got back in it until we were ready to leave.  it was a great way to get around.

2) 16th street mall.  it is a shopping - restaurant dream.  the street is lined with both and the "road" is made for walking and not cars.  we spent a whole day discovering it all.

3) the city park.  we rode our bikes to it and around the lake.  it gives you a great view of downtown.

4) laramie square

5) our rooftop pool

(our hotel)

(rooftop pool)

(the capital - 13th step is exactly one mile high)

(on our bikes)

(world trade center - denver)

(still on our bikes)

(at the city lake)

(city park)

(unsinkable molly brown museum) 

(art museum)

(big bear)

(16th street mall)

(beer time)

(laramie square)

(after-dinner drinks)