Tuesday, July 31, 2012

feather nails

i saw on E! a new trend:
feather nails.
so i tried it.

not sure i liked it.
i think it would have been cuter
if i had used brighter colored feathers.
since my feathers were brown, black and white
from a distance, it looked like i had cheetah nails,
and that ain't my thing.

but it was pretty easy.
i did a coat of clear nail polish
applied the feather,
then did another coat of clear nail polish.
actually i did the top coat of gold glitter,
but you could do anything.
i cut off the ends of the feather so they would fit on my nails.
and let it dry.
you could also do it with a colored nail polish
and a top it with a clear coat.
lots of options.

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