Thursday, August 2, 2012

a little girl

no longer a baby.
madeline turned two
about a month ago.
and we celebrated a few weeks ago
in her new house.
with lots of family
and a couple of little friends.
she is so much fun to be around
and turning into quite the smart little toddler.
i can't wait to meet her new baby sister
due in just one month
and see madeline in her new role,
big sister.
but for now,
she is quite the comfortable
being the center of attention.

her friends were excited to show her the toy they got her,
which she loved.

 she danced over her presents

and hit uncle ronnie in the head with a balloon

she sat with mamma

 and colored on top of the table

with my grandma.

while the rest of us watched.

she was one happy little girl.

especially when she opened up her mints.
happy birthday madeline!

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