Monday, August 6, 2012

helpful hints

i have a couple things i need help with.

1.  has anyone seen these items in a store?
i really want to add both of them to my closet
but i can't actually find them.

i remember everyone had one of these in the 90's.
i wish i held on to mine.
i think they're called baja jackets?
if you see one.
let me know.

2. do most people pencil in their eyebrows?
i feel like mine might be neglected.
no waxing or penciling in.
maybe this is something i should be looking into.
tips or products that i should try?

3. hair removal on the face.
another thing i do not do that maybe i should.
one of the girls i work with was talking about it
and it does seem like it would be prettier
and your make-up would look better without.
but the upkeep seems daunting.
anyone for or against?

alright girls,
time to spill it.


  1. Just remember once you start removing any hair anywhere, you will always have to remove it. If your face doesn't look like u need to shave, leave it alone! Ask your mom about Grandma. You are too young to start that!

  2. Ask your mom about Aunt Ruth & her eyebrows :)

  3. I would leave well enough alone about hair on the face. Eventually as you age stray hairs may need to be removed, but you would be encouraging the process if you start now. You are beautiful just the way you are! And the jacket you seek is a plenty in the west, on our vacation this year I could have picked you up one, they were everywhere.