Monday, June 4, 2018

heading into summer

we've been pretty busy recently.

mother's day with family

campering for memorial day weekend

brette graduated from pre-k

moms night out

work picnic

and a fair.

lots of fun stuff and in between, ronnie is still
out at the house almost every night after work
trying to get stuff done.
i honestly don't even know what all he's doing,
but as long as i get to move in soon, i don't even care.
our painter started and he is close the having the basement done.
then he'll get started on the main floor. 
meanwhile, ronnie will need to tile the bathrooms and 
redo the fireplace and mantle. 
then the last step, flooring!
i'll take pics over the weekend of the basement and
share them soon. 
it looks SO GOOD with the white trim.
i'm getting really excited to decorate and buy some new furniture too.
i've been busy looking online, but it's so hard to actually
purchase something without the space being done.

either way, the fact that we're close enough to start thinking 
about furniture is exciting to me. 

pics soon!