Thursday, April 28, 2011

master your craft (#4)

i forgot about this cool little project i did at my last craft circle. 
it was decoupage day - so i took some craft paper, magazine cut-outs and three planter pots.
i wanted to make something i could sit outside on my deck to hold citronella candles.

started with this:

(i have to say that paper source had great patterns in their mag for cut-outs)

and ended up with these:

i put citranella candles in them and use them on my deck.
just in time for summer bugs.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

house hunting

this is the house we went to look at last friday.

i love it.  and we're not getting it.
i was the one against this whole moving idea and now ronnie is the one talking me out of this house.  so much potential, but more than that -
the LAND is what i want.
right outside the town we live in, but still feels like you're in the country.
i have a feeling it might take me a basement redo for me to get over this.

Monday, April 25, 2011

happy easter!

i spent yesterday with ronnie's side of the family at our house.
it gave me another opportunity to cook for a mass amount of people
(okay, only 8 and two of them were under the age of 7). 
we bought a 10 lb. ham and i'm pretty sure we have 6 lbs. left.
i'm going to have to start thinking creatively on how to use the leftovers.
i have a feeling i might be a little sick of ham after this is over.

but we had a good day.  big lunch, easter egg hunt, then dessert, and an afternoon of old movies and long conversations. 
here are a couple photos from my sis-n-law:

eggs i hid

my niece and nephew out front

Friday, April 22, 2011

be kind to the earth

it's earth day!
let's remember why we love our planet and fight to save it:

Thursday, April 21, 2011

moving at lightning speed

guess what ronnie brought home from work yesterday?

a for sale by owner sign?  is he nuts?!
i thought he was kidding.  in fact, when he told me over the phone that he bought one - i laughed and said "yeah, okay."
i guess i thought we were just looking around and not really going to sell our house.  or maybe sell it, but not right away.
i mean, hello?  doesn't he remember the hell we just went through last fall with our floors?  where is the time to enjoy them?  not to mention all my plans i had for the basement and master bedroom. 

but we are definitely serious and taking big steps in the direction of selling. (and by 'we', i mean, not me).
we are meeting a realtor tonight to show us a house that i'm pretty sure ronnie wants to put an offer on. 
it's nice, its got over two acres and it backs up to a conservation area. 
can we say 'ronnie's dream'?
i'll take pictures and share tomorrow.

Monday, April 18, 2011

on the look-out

ronnie and i have houses on the brain.
we are constantly looking for something new. 
i am in love with our house now.  it took us so long to get "finished."
(even though we're not technically finished, it's just the small things now.)
but ronnie is over the high-traffic road, small master bathroom, no closet space, and neighbors that are only a couple feet away.
he wants to be in the country, he wants land - and i am down for something new.  especially if it'll make the hubs happy. 
we have two appointments with relators this week.
but look what we started with last time:  talk about an ugly home. 
sometimes i can't believe i loved it enough to buy it.
i wonder what i'll 'love' this time around...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

gone fishin'

i needed a relaxing weekend. so did ronnie.
on friday we laid around and watched movies. 
on saturday morning i took him to the ReStore to talk him into that headboard i wanted.
that afternoon we packed up the puppies and met our favorite couple to relax at a lake outside our suburban town.

we blazed in the sun, fished, drank, laughed and it felt good.

after we went back to our house to grill and chill.
it was just what the dr. ordered.

Monday, April 11, 2011


kansas city has a great habitat for humanity restore
old furniture, fixtures, cabintry, frames, benches... everything.
and it's cheap.

i bought this:

and then went back and bought this:

(this was an ugly wood, but i forgot to get a pic before i spray painted it white.)

Friday, April 8, 2011


so ronnie and i took off for illinois last thursday on a seven hour road trip to go visit his mom and grandma for a long weekend.  i forgot to mention we took his sister with us. 
she is opposite of ronnie and in many ways more like me.  (yes, a good thing)
she's loud, laughy (is that a word?) and talkative.  i've been known to be described by those exact words. we had fun singing our way from the 'show me' state to the 'prairie' state at night.

once we got there - we spent time, well - doing a whole lot of nothing.
which is exactly why i love it so much.
we slept.
we watched movies i'd never heard of.

we took the dog for a walk.

we went for  jog.
we hung out with ronnie's cousins (some of my favorite people).
and when we needed a night out, the girls in the family rounded everyone up and we went to town for dinner and bowling.  fun. fun. fun.

sounds relaxing, yes?
but for some reason the whole time i was exhausted. tired. worn out.
i think that's what happens when you put four loud people together (me, ronzo, his mom, his sister) for too long.
but i wouldn't have it any other way.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

bad day

i'm having a bad day.
 (it was a combination of hail damage, travel brain, hotwater heater repairs,
and just plain ol' irritation.)

this helped.