Friday, January 31, 2014

my psa for the day

i have small public service announcement.
for any mamma's to be, this is the best advice
i ever received when i was pregnant.
go buy diapers.
margie, my experienced mom friend,
gave me that sliver of wisdom 
when i told her the news i was pregnant.
she said to start picking them up every time i go to the store.
just need milk?
buy milk and diapers.
pick a brand and get every size.
and so i did.
(ps- we bought pampers and i love them.)
we started a stockpile in the basement and
i would tape the receipt to the diaper box
in case i needed to return any for a different size.
and somehow, we never had to return any.
but today,
on this very mundane friday,
almost EIGHT months after brette was born,
i had to buy diapers.
we still have two boxes left in the basement
but they are too big so i'm saving those for later.
do you know how crazy nice it was
to  n e v e r  have to worry about running out?
not to mention the expense we saved once we lost my income.
if you think about it,
once brette got here, 
she has pretty much not cost us a penny.
i fed her, we already had diapers and jaime has clothed her with
all of madeline's hand-me-downs.
its been awesome.
so there you go, pregnant people.
go buy diapers.
you'll thank me later.
(i took this a step further and also bought wipes, dreft, shampoo
and started a little store in our basement.  it's been sa-weet.)   

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

big girl moments

we had a busy tuesday.
i wanted to get brette a bouncer
but the ones around town were kind of expensive.
especially since she'll probably only
be using it for 3 or 4 more months.
so i checked on craigslist and found a jumperoo.
we headed to belton and i bought this one from another
stay-at-home mamma for ten bucks.
what what.
she loves it.
laughs and bounces forever.
i'm hoping this will help strengthen her legs
since she shows no signs of wanting to crawl.
at all.
its too hard to get a good picture of someone jumping
so here is a little video i took of the three of us
 jumping around to bob marley this evening.
next we headed downtown kc
for her first dentist appointment.
i realize that 7 months old is super early
to get her teeth checked,
but our good friend, turnbow needed to check a baby for dental school
and i thought it might be fun.
she laid on my lap and let him explore her mouth.
then we got a free toy and toothbrush for her.
its actually good we went because
now we will start brushing her teeth.
(something we just started tonight)
and last, it was bath night.
ronald is in charge of her baths,
but when i went in there, i noticed he still has her lying down.
i suggested she sit up and play in the water.
i think he was just so used to laying her down
that he forgot that she was able to sit now.
she loved it.
we busted out her bath toys and she splashed and played.

so basically we had a big day
full of big girl moments.

Monday, January 27, 2014

our weekend

it's 9:30am and brette is still asleep.
she's probably trying to score some points with me
after the rough weekend we had.

it started out great.
my parent's watched her friday night
so ronnie and i could go out to dinner and have a few drinks
with the turnbow's in warrensburg.
i hadn't been out at night since my 30th birthday in september
and i hadn't been without brette since i went to lunch for kassie's
birthday in november. 
it was time for a break.
(ps- i really want to start doing this more and more.)
me and b need to get comfortable being apart.
its good for both of us.
especially if i start working.
it will probably be a really hard transition unless
i ease into it.
mammas - how did you make the transition from being
together all the time to being apart?
friday actually worked out really well because we weren't meeting
for dinner until 7:00 so i could put b to bed before we ever left.
makes life easier.
except she woke up 2 minutes after we walked out the door and
my mom spent the next 30 minutes walking her around and
rocking her back to sleep.
this is why i feel like sometimes, its just easier
if i stay home.

but saturday morning b woke up fussy
and was super constipated.
she was also running a fever on and off all day.
we finally gave her a suppository
and we've been feeding her prunes.
not sure what caused this
but i can tell its painful
and really uncomfortable for my poor baby.
it also means i'm holding her and walking her
around a lot.
yesterday i finally just wrapped her on me
and went outside to rake the yard.
i think she's feeling better.
i'll be able to tell more when she finally wakes up.
but right now,
i'm enjoying a relaxing morning
and hoping all this sleep is just what she needed.
and tips for constipation in an infant?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

the boob-free diet

the dreaded word:
my sister-n-law, jaime, and i were talking about nursing.
when to stop.
how to stop.
the best way to do it.
there is such pressure to get it right.
i don't want this to be hard on brette or me.
i want it to feel natural and, dare i say, easy.
with my niece madeline, she weaned herself.
and since i'm a stay-at-home-mamma
that would make the most sense for me.
just let brette naturally grow out of it.
except (can i have a selfish moment here) i'm not going to do that.
my goal has always been 11 months.
so random right?
but ronnie and i have a vacation planned at the end of may in mexico.
my bff is getting married and a whole group of us are making the trip.
i really really don't want to lay by the pool and pump.
(i guess that's another selfish decision.)
sure, it would be easy to pack a pump
none of my friends would care,
and if brette was younger, i would.
but, to me, it doesn't make sense to keep up my supply
to just wean her off a couple weeks later.
plus, i'm hoping that transitioning a month before her first birthday
will help also lead to an easy transition to milk instead of formula/breastmilk.
(my plan is start milk cold-turkey when she's a year- - pediatrician recommended)
and i'm still unclear of my plan for getting rid of a bottle.
maybe i'll try that at the same time?
not sure.
(suggestions welcome)
back to nursing.
this all seems sudden.
it was like a slap to the face when i realized that
may is actually right around the corner.
i only have a little over three months to get this going.
only three months of nursing left.
that's sad.
i've turned into one of those moms.
the ones that really enjoy it.
and so this is bittersweet.
oh sure, it will be freeing
but i know i'll miss it too.
and my biggest concern: that brette will miss it more.
one good sign:
i think brette is giving hints that she is ready for this.
i read a good way to tell is if she's ready
to be weaned is if she nurses for shorter spurts
or if she is easily distracted.
this is a picture i took the other day because our morning "session"
was taking f o r e v e r.

she was much more interested in seeing the world upside down.
also, at night, she is IN LOVE with her bottle.
so much that she cries until i give it to her
and THEN she'll nurse.
i'm hoping that means that this might be a good time.
to make it easier, i'm going to start by replacing one feeding with a bottle.
and just slowly take it away little by little.
i'm starting with the one she'll miss the least - - - 9am.
that means i'll still nurse her at

i'm actually thinking about taking the 7pm next.
i know usually that's the last to go,
but brette has been taking a bottle at this time since she was 4 days old,
so i don't think it will be as big of an adjustment as other babies.

i studied a calendar to try a figure out a schedule
(because that's just the way i roll).
if i start tomorrow
and i add another bottle every four weeks,
i can be boobie free by may 14th.
2 days after she's 11 months old
and 7 days before we leave for mexico.

slow and steady wins the race.
hopefully i'll be waving the checkered flag soon.


Monday, January 20, 2014

small moments

we went on a sunday afternoon drive
and i captured the life of brette in a nutshell.
leave me alone, i'm sleeping.

oh god, where am i?

i really need something to chew on.
how about a finger? they're my favorite.
 i am so bright eyed and happy after some sleep.
 i think its time to get me out of my carseat and play.
and that's the basics.
the life of brette.
it's pretty great.

Friday, January 17, 2014

suck it

take a good look:
because its the last time you'll see it.
brette is officially pacifier free.
say what?! 
whoop. whoop. (i'm raising the roof)
and she pretty much decided this for herself.
i think i wanted her to love it for a little while longer
because its so easy to stick that sucker in her mouth if we're out and about
and she decides that yelling might be fun.
but i'm also kind of glad because one friend told me that
it is not good for their teeth or how it changes the shape of the roof of their mouth.
[ps - at the time, brette had a pacifier in her mouth and i was like -
oh great, brette's teeth are going to be fucked.
and i always refer to crooked teeth as jafar teeth.
so i guess this is my worst case scenario. damn pacifier.]
a n y w a y,
i noticed recently that it was a 50-50 shot whether or not
brette would even take it.
i remember the good ol' days where i could pop it in
and she would sooth herself and seriously pass out within 30 seconds.
it was like ambien.
but once her teeth started coming in
she started using more to chew on
and less for sleeping.
in fact, if she was crying and you were trying to put her down for a nap
she would get seriously ticked if you even tried giving it to her. 
like - you son of a bitch, i know that's not your boob.
quit trying to trick me, idiot.
and then scream even louder.
in the last couple of weeks she has been
falling asleep at night while nursing
so she wasn't using it anyhow.
so when my dear friend margie, posted something about ending
the pacifier streak with her kiddo,
it got me thinking about mine.
she wasn't using it at night.
she was mad if i tried giving it to her while she was crying.
she was only taking it half the time.
and she was basically using it as a chew toy.
there was really no need for it anymore.
so i packed them all away...
(i found five, which is weird because when i needed a pacifier
we could only find one at a time.  seriously. those things are the easiest things to lose.)
... and just stopped offering it at all.
and you know what?
nothing changed.
she still slept the same, napped the same and freely yelled in public.
now next on my list of other habits to kick:
the swaddle.
i'm way more reluctant to try this again.
sleep is so lovely.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

hodge podge

not a lot has been going on.
i mean, it is january.
the month that requires a lot of indoor activities.
something we're not that great at.
it usually involves renting movies.
but luckily, we had a really warm sunday and b is feeling much better
so we finally ventured out.
we packed food, the dogs, one baby girl and headed to [our] park.
unfortunately, is was super windy so we ended up tailgating
instead of using the picnic tables,
but we did manage to go on a little hike on the trails.
i love this place
 the dogs love this place.
 and ronnie loves changing diapers on the go.  wink.

we also decided that we needed a night out
so we took brette to her first pizza dinner.
she sipped on water and ate some applesauce i packed for her
while ronnie and i devoured waldo's.
(i made him split a gluten-free pizza with me because of my diet
and we both agree, that we couldn't tell the difference and really liked it.)

i also ordered ronnie and i some new sheets from west elm.
i was so busy loving on the grey stripes that i didn't even bother looking at the thread count.
i was just assuming west elm would have nice sheets.
just so you know, this is not the case.
they are not soft and amazing liked i had hoped,
but i DO love how they look.
maybe a few hundred washes and they'll be better?
and lastly, some random shots of b
in all her cuteness.
she has started scrunching her nose when she smiles.
it makes for some weird photos.

i'm hoping winter flies by.
i could really use some afternoon stroller walks
and evenings on the deck.


Monday, January 13, 2014

brette: 7 months

our little one is getting big.
she is still wearing 6 month clothing and size 2 diapers,
but i'm sure that won't be for long.
i would almost swear the scale at the doctor's office
was broken last time we were there for her 6 month check-up
when we went in for her ear infection
she weighed in at 16 lbs.
which seems a lot more true
but that means she would have gained
over a pound in the last couple weeks.
either way, at least now she's more average for her age.
our big news for this month is she is sitting up on her own unassisted.
i knew she was close,
so i wasn't surprised when she just started having no troubles at all.
i love watching her sit on the floor and play.
she also sprouted another tooth!
she now has both her center bottom teeth.
and she uses them to bite e v e r y t h i n g.
i have to watch my fingers.
(but luckily, she has NOT bitten me while nursing.
thank jesus.)
so i've been such a bragger about
how brette is a super sleeper.
then we hit six months and things have been a little wonky.
we had three nights where she's been up several times.
like 9:00, 12:00, 2:30 and 6:00.
it was not cool.
after her tooth popped through,
those ended.
thank god.
she also decided that she needed to start getting up earlier too.
she used to go down around 8 and sleep to 6 or 7.
now she goes to bed at 7:30 and gets up at 5:00-5:30.
since i'm not down to start our day at that time,
i nurse her and put her right back down and she sleeps until 8:00.
so basically we reverted back to our original schedule.
it's nice because we're not starting our day at 6:30 anymore,
but its sucks because i have to be up for 30 mins around 5:00.
i just really want her to eventually sleep 12 hours.
go to bed at 7 or 8
and get up at 7.
juuuust waitin'

she nurses five times a day
and gets food twice a day.
i normally feed her after her morning nap
(which is around lunch time)
and then she eats dinner with ronnie and i.
we actually have dinner at our kitchen table every night.
no more meals in front of the tv.
she will not let you eat without her.
she'll stare at you or grunt until you feel bad and give her something,
so we figured it is just easier to feed her while we eat.
then we can all eat in peace.
so far she is loving everything we give her.
if it's a new food,
i give it to her for 3-5 days straight
and then lay off it to see if there is a reaction.
so far, so good.
no allergies.
here is a list of food she's had:
green beans
sweet potatoes

i also started making baby food.
its super super super easy, fast and cheap.
i bought black beans and mangos today,
so those are next on the list.

if you want to make your own baby food:
read this.
its pretty much what i followed,
except i didn't have a steamer.
like i mentioned before,
i can sit her on the floor with toys
and she can play without falling over.
such a big girl.
she loves everything that makes noises and lights up,
but i found if i only give her one or two things to play with
she does better than if i surround her with things.
i think its too overwhelming.
she also found a soft spot for sofie,
the famous chew toy.
i guess it is worth the money
because every baby loves it,
brette included.

she sat unassisted for the first time.
she had her first christmas...
and her first new year's.
she was prescribed her first antibiotic
because of her first ear infection.

this next month i'd love to see her push up using her arms.
that means, i better get crackin' on tummy time.
she's going to hate life.

ps- i got NO smiles this month,
but i swear, she smiles all the time.
maybe i should have let her wake up a bit more.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

sick baby

a quick update.
we took brette to the pediatrician yesterday
since b had been running a fever for a few nights.
she also had a bad cough and a stuffy nose.
its not a good combo.
the doctor found a little bit of fluid behind b's ears.
wah wah.
she said i could either wait it out to see if it
clears up on its own when her cold goes away
or if she was running a temp or tugging on her ears,
i could put her on some antibiotics.
i chose the antibiotics since she had both symptoms.
we made it almost seven months without drugs,
but no more.
doc said b should be feeling a lot better by thursday,
so i'm laying low until then.
i'm trying not to go stir crazy.
i already spent my whole weekend at home,
so i'm keeping busy.
cleaning house.
making baby food.
actually cooking dinner.
trying to get rid any germs in the house.
hopefully she feels better soon.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

weekend top ten list

things that happened this weekend:

1. met up with my girlfriends on friday for a playdate.
always fun.
the kids keep getting cuter.

2. brette's second tooth finally cut through.
teething sucks.

3. brette has been running a fever for the last two days.
i'm assuming it's her teeth.
she also caught a cold.
i'm carrying around kleenex so she is literally not described as a snot-nose kid.
i know she doesn't feel well because she slept 13 hours last night
and then took a three hour nap this morning. sleep on, girl.

4. to top it off, she shit on ronnie. and then when he was changing her, she peed all over.
it. was. awesome. 
and then it was bath time.

5. the bachelor is back.
time to live tweet my friends every monday night.
its DZ tradition.

6. we took christmas down except for the tree.
i'm trying to convince ronnie to carry it down to the basement with all the decorations still on it.
my brother does it and it looks like an amazing idea.
ronnie doesn't think the tree will fit down the staircase.
there's only one way to find out.

7. it snowed and snowed and snowed.
and it's freezing here. like super-duper, don't-go-outside-at-all cold.
i hope people brought their dogs inside. 
it literally haunts me that people leave their pets out in this.

8. i colored my hair.
yes, that was the "highlight" of my saturday night. 
get it?! i kill myself.
i now have the blond ombre thing going again.
i missed it.

9.  ronnie made dinner twice this weekend.
talk about miracle.
he says he's going to try to start cooking, but only on the weekend.
i guess that leaves me the other five days.

10. my best friend that lived 5 minutes away moved back to warrensburg.
40 minutes away.
not cool, not cool at all.
so now i'm all alone in lees summit.
sad face.

so yeah, my weekend was not that exciting.
but when you have a sick six month old and its 10 degrees outside
it limits the amount of things you can do.
i didn't list it, but we did manage to get out of the house and go to walgreens.
i stayed in the car though, so i don't know if that counts.
whoop whoop

Thursday, January 2, 2014

two zero one four

i see all the commercials on tv to get healthy.
and the new low calorie meals restaurants are serving.
i wonders if all of america just went on a diet together...
i mean, that's what the new year is all about, right?
every year is the year i claim will be
my skinny year!
unlucky for me,
i gained 30 pounds this year.
(wtf, brette)
but lucky for me,
i've lost 33 pounds.
yes, that's right people.
i am currently t h r e e   p o u n d s
under my pre-baby weight.
remember when i mentioned the 21 day weight loss challenge
i went on before christmas?
it was actually successful.
i lost 10 lbs.
going from 162 to 152.
oh yeah.
i still need to lose another ten pounds.
[or more]
i mean, i wouldn't be mad if i ended up losing 17,
but i'm trying not to be crazy.
i took the week of christmas off.
i had to partake in the pies, rolls, dressing and cheesecake.
take my word for it - - it was worth it.
 but now i'm back to healthy eating.
but maybe, just maybe
2014 will actually be my skinny year.
i hope 2014 is everything you want it to be too.
have a baby, get married, buy a house,
get organized, be happy and healthy, make lots of money,
take lots of vacations and spend lots of time with the ones you love.
hopefully, that covers all of our resolutions.
good luck to us.