Friday, January 31, 2014

my psa for the day

i have small public service announcement.
for any mamma's to be, this is the best advice
i ever received when i was pregnant.
go buy diapers.
margie, my experienced mom friend,
gave me that sliver of wisdom 
when i told her the news i was pregnant.
she said to start picking them up every time i go to the store.
just need milk?
buy milk and diapers.
pick a brand and get every size.
and so i did.
(ps- we bought pampers and i love them.)
we started a stockpile in the basement and
i would tape the receipt to the diaper box
in case i needed to return any for a different size.
and somehow, we never had to return any.
but today,
on this very mundane friday,
almost EIGHT months after brette was born,
i had to buy diapers.
we still have two boxes left in the basement
but they are too big so i'm saving those for later.
do you know how crazy nice it was
to  n e v e r  have to worry about running out?
not to mention the expense we saved once we lost my income.
if you think about it,
once brette got here, 
she has pretty much not cost us a penny.
i fed her, we already had diapers and jaime has clothed her with
all of madeline's hand-me-downs.
its been awesome.
so there you go, pregnant people.
go buy diapers.
you'll thank me later.
(i took this a step further and also bought wipes, dreft, shampoo
and started a little store in our basement.  it's been sa-weet.)   

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