Wednesday, January 15, 2014

hodge podge

not a lot has been going on.
i mean, it is january.
the month that requires a lot of indoor activities.
something we're not that great at.
it usually involves renting movies.
but luckily, we had a really warm sunday and b is feeling much better
so we finally ventured out.
we packed food, the dogs, one baby girl and headed to [our] park.
unfortunately, is was super windy so we ended up tailgating
instead of using the picnic tables,
but we did manage to go on a little hike on the trails.
i love this place
 the dogs love this place.
 and ronnie loves changing diapers on the go.  wink.

we also decided that we needed a night out
so we took brette to her first pizza dinner.
she sipped on water and ate some applesauce i packed for her
while ronnie and i devoured waldo's.
(i made him split a gluten-free pizza with me because of my diet
and we both agree, that we couldn't tell the difference and really liked it.)

i also ordered ronnie and i some new sheets from west elm.
i was so busy loving on the grey stripes that i didn't even bother looking at the thread count.
i was just assuming west elm would have nice sheets.
just so you know, this is not the case.
they are not soft and amazing liked i had hoped,
but i DO love how they look.
maybe a few hundred washes and they'll be better?
and lastly, some random shots of b
in all her cuteness.
she has started scrunching her nose when she smiles.
it makes for some weird photos.

i'm hoping winter flies by.
i could really use some afternoon stroller walks
and evenings on the deck.


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  1. I have those exact sheets. Mine aren't so bad so maybe, ya....a few washes.

    Darling lady!