Tuesday, January 7, 2014

sick baby

a quick update.
we took brette to the pediatrician yesterday
since b had been running a fever for a few nights.
she also had a bad cough and a stuffy nose.
its not a good combo.
the doctor found a little bit of fluid behind b's ears.
wah wah.
she said i could either wait it out to see if it
clears up on its own when her cold goes away
or if she was running a temp or tugging on her ears,
i could put her on some antibiotics.
i chose the antibiotics since she had both symptoms.
we made it almost seven months without drugs,
but no more.
doc said b should be feeling a lot better by thursday,
so i'm laying low until then.
i'm trying not to go stir crazy.
i already spent my whole weekend at home,
so i'm keeping busy.
cleaning house.
making baby food.
actually cooking dinner.
trying to get rid any germs in the house.
hopefully she feels better soon.


  1. Good thing you took her to the pediatrician. There are parents who just trust their child's health to over-the-counter medicines. Gladly, you're not one of them. Well, I hope she will get well soon. You should work hand-in-hand with the pediatrician for faster recovery. :)

    Logan Rojas @ FocusOnKidsPeds.com

  2. I’m sorry to hear about Brette suffering from fever, cough and colds. Bringing her to the pediatrician was a wise decision because you'll know what kind of precautions to take and what medications to give her. I hope that she is faring better now. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to your family!

    Candace Hudson @ MedCare Pediatric