Tuesday, January 28, 2014

big girl moments

we had a busy tuesday.
i wanted to get brette a bouncer
but the ones around town were kind of expensive.
especially since she'll probably only
be using it for 3 or 4 more months.
so i checked on craigslist and found a jumperoo.
we headed to belton and i bought this one from another
stay-at-home mamma for ten bucks.
what what.
she loves it.
laughs and bounces forever.
i'm hoping this will help strengthen her legs
since she shows no signs of wanting to crawl.
at all.
its too hard to get a good picture of someone jumping
so here is a little video i took of the three of us
 jumping around to bob marley this evening.
next we headed downtown kc
for her first dentist appointment.
i realize that 7 months old is super early
to get her teeth checked,
but our good friend, turnbow needed to check a baby for dental school
and i thought it might be fun.
she laid on my lap and let him explore her mouth.
then we got a free toy and toothbrush for her.
its actually good we went because
now we will start brushing her teeth.
(something we just started tonight)
and last, it was bath night.
ronald is in charge of her baths,
but when i went in there, i noticed he still has her lying down.
i suggested she sit up and play in the water.
i think he was just so used to laying her down
that he forgot that she was able to sit now.
she loved it.
we busted out her bath toys and she splashed and played.

so basically we had a big day
full of big girl moments.

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  1. Cute baby! And fully well-prepared, too. Outside of vaccinations, a trip to the dentist should be part of a person's formative years, so it wouldn't be such a shock to them once dental work arrives in the equation.

    Frank @ Alpenglow Dental