Friday, January 17, 2014

suck it

take a good look:
because its the last time you'll see it.
brette is officially pacifier free.
say what?! 
whoop. whoop. (i'm raising the roof)
and she pretty much decided this for herself.
i think i wanted her to love it for a little while longer
because its so easy to stick that sucker in her mouth if we're out and about
and she decides that yelling might be fun.
but i'm also kind of glad because one friend told me that
it is not good for their teeth or how it changes the shape of the roof of their mouth.
[ps - at the time, brette had a pacifier in her mouth and i was like -
oh great, brette's teeth are going to be fucked.
and i always refer to crooked teeth as jafar teeth.
so i guess this is my worst case scenario. damn pacifier.]
a n y w a y,
i noticed recently that it was a 50-50 shot whether or not
brette would even take it.
i remember the good ol' days where i could pop it in
and she would sooth herself and seriously pass out within 30 seconds.
it was like ambien.
but once her teeth started coming in
she started using more to chew on
and less for sleeping.
in fact, if she was crying and you were trying to put her down for a nap
she would get seriously ticked if you even tried giving it to her. 
like - you son of a bitch, i know that's not your boob.
quit trying to trick me, idiot.
and then scream even louder.
in the last couple of weeks she has been
falling asleep at night while nursing
so she wasn't using it anyhow.
so when my dear friend margie, posted something about ending
the pacifier streak with her kiddo,
it got me thinking about mine.
she wasn't using it at night.
she was mad if i tried giving it to her while she was crying.
she was only taking it half the time.
and she was basically using it as a chew toy.
there was really no need for it anymore.
so i packed them all away...
(i found five, which is weird because when i needed a pacifier
we could only find one at a time.  seriously. those things are the easiest things to lose.)
... and just stopped offering it at all.
and you know what?
nothing changed.
she still slept the same, napped the same and freely yelled in public.
now next on my list of other habits to kick:
the swaddle.
i'm way more reluctant to try this again.
sleep is so lovely.

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