Thursday, May 31, 2012


i was in need of a little snack
and my mom had just the recipe.
you'll need:

3 C crispix
1 box of cheez-its
1 bag of goldfish crackers
2 C pretzels
4 C fritos
1 can mix nuts

melt 2 sticks of butter/margarine
add 2 tsp garlic powder
4 Tbls brown sugar
1/2 tsp garlic salt
1 tsp chili powder
1 tsp worcestershire sauce
6 drops of tabasco (or any hot sauce)

pour that over the mix and stir like crazy.
spread into baking sheets

bake at 250 for 90 mins.
stir every 30 mins.

it's addictive.
trust me.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

into the wild

my backyard.
we've been working pretty hard at trying to make grass grow
and keep the plants we have alive.
i do not have a green thumb,
so by august everything we've done
does have the chance of being totally burned up.
but so far,

i've stained the deck (all by myself, thank you)
and bought a hanging plant for under the umbrella.

ronnie planted three new bushes
since 3 out of the 4 died last summer.
wah wah.

and now we're working on our privacy.
one side of the house is totally covered
and we can sit on our deck in peace.

the other side, however,
is w i d e open.

why, hello there, neighbor's bedroom window.
no thank you.

so we're going to try to find some sort of
[squatty, bushy, grows fast, kinda big]

sweet edit, i know.

any suggestions?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

summer: the starting line

it's here.
swimming pools are open
and white pants are acceptable.
the weather even reached a humid 93 degrees yesterday.
while i'm not totally psyched for swimsuit season and blazing weather,
i love all the fun we have every summer.

the good food at bbq's and patio nights:

the friends i see more than once a month:

and this guy seems to be in a better mood when the weather is nice.
i like it.

i even talked him into taking me for some froyo.
(mine is the unhealthy one.  ronnie's is the super stupid one.)

i hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend
and a great start to their summer!

Monday, May 28, 2012

week six

on friday i was excited because i had lost another pound.
7 down.
but after this amazing memorial day weekend,
i'm pretty sure i'm probably back up.
let's just say there was not a lot of running going on
but i replaced it with patio nights, bbq's and beer.

i haven't weighed since friday
and to be honest,
i'm a little scared to.
so for right now,
lets just bask in the glory of friday.

total weight loss: 7lbs

side note - kass and chris came over
and brought me their latest workout.
i start today.
it's a two month program. 
and it's super hard.
i'm nervous.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

this to that

we've made some small changes around here.
nothing major,
but it keeps us busy.

first off, i made sure ronnie had my bike up and running.
we went from this:

to that.

two new tires.

and ronnie decided that he wanted to join me on my bike rides,
so over the weekend we went garage-saling.
and found an men's old bike.
decked out with ape hanger handlebars and a light.
we had to have it.
so we went from this:

to that:

isn't his bike awesome?

we went riding tonight and decided that:
1. riding bikes was much easier as a kid.
2. we are out of shape.
3. my backside might bruise easily.
but it was still a blast.

some other projects?
ronald took some left over two by fours
and we went from this:

to that:

meanwhile, i decided that i hated the basement windows.
you look out into the yard through our plastic covers.
it's heinous.
so we went from this:

window #1

window #2

to that:
window #1

window #2

i just bought a spray can, taped up some newspaper and tacked up a sheet.
i did it in two coats and i'm calling it done.
the outside still needs to be cleaned,
but that's another day.

so there it is.
a few projects.
a few transformations.

Monday, May 21, 2012

ready. aim. fire.

when ronnie and i got married
we received a list of things a couple should do
in order to have a long and happy marriage.
the number one rule?
take interest in your spouse.
what is ronnie interested in?
harleys, trucks, guns, old cars and beer.

hmmmm, so much for me to choose from.
and while i'm not thrilled with any of my options,
we do go on harley rides together
and over the weekend i went shooting for my first time ever.
i feel as though i'm pretty good.
next top shot, probably.
it's not my fault i'm such a badass.

we started with a 22 rifle.
here is my target.
good, right?

and then we went to a glock.

damn, it feels good to be a gansta.

and here is my target for the hand gun.
not as good as with a rifle,

but way better than ronnie.

told you i was good.

Friday, May 18, 2012

week five

i'm still trying to claw and scratch my way through the wall.
inch by inch, right?
i worked out 5 times this week, so that it a good change.

and i still feel confident about my food choices

but here i sit.
still at my six lb. mark, five weeks in.
this is harder than i thought.
send your condolences to ronnie.
i might die.
or just send me a blizzard.
that could help.

a look back:
week four i skipped because of the miranda concert.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

i want to ride my bicycle. i want to ride my bike.

ronnie took the dogs for a walk
and came back with a gift.

my very own vintage bike.
rust and all.

i like the basket.
and ronnie likes the chain cover.

our elderly neighbors were going to put it in their garage sale this weekend
and sold it to ronnie for $20.

bike rides will commence immediately.
and by immediately, i mean, when ronnie puts new tires on.

best quote from ronaldo?
every wicked witch needs their own bike.
you'd have to understand ronnie and i to get the humor.
da da na na na na - da da na na na na. [wicked witch music]

Monday, May 14, 2012

lipstick, diamonds, champagne & rock and roll

kass missed out and we wanted to give her another chance to go.
we loved her.
i think she was even better than she was the first time around.

and i still think we could be friends.