Monday, May 21, 2012

ready. aim. fire.

when ronnie and i got married
we received a list of things a couple should do
in order to have a long and happy marriage.
the number one rule?
take interest in your spouse.
what is ronnie interested in?
harleys, trucks, guns, old cars and beer.

hmmmm, so much for me to choose from.
and while i'm not thrilled with any of my options,
we do go on harley rides together
and over the weekend i went shooting for my first time ever.
i feel as though i'm pretty good.
next top shot, probably.
it's not my fault i'm such a badass.

we started with a 22 rifle.
here is my target.
good, right?

and then we went to a glock.

damn, it feels good to be a gansta.

and here is my target for the hand gun.
not as good as with a rifle,

but way better than ronnie.

told you i was good.

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