Wednesday, May 23, 2012

this to that

we've made some small changes around here.
nothing major,
but it keeps us busy.

first off, i made sure ronnie had my bike up and running.
we went from this:

to that.

two new tires.

and ronnie decided that he wanted to join me on my bike rides,
so over the weekend we went garage-saling.
and found an men's old bike.
decked out with ape hanger handlebars and a light.
we had to have it.
so we went from this:

to that:

isn't his bike awesome?

we went riding tonight and decided that:
1. riding bikes was much easier as a kid.
2. we are out of shape.
3. my backside might bruise easily.
but it was still a blast.

some other projects?
ronald took some left over two by fours
and we went from this:

to that:

meanwhile, i decided that i hated the basement windows.
you look out into the yard through our plastic covers.
it's heinous.
so we went from this:

window #1

window #2

to that:
window #1

window #2

i just bought a spray can, taped up some newspaper and tacked up a sheet.
i did it in two coats and i'm calling it done.
the outside still needs to be cleaned,
but that's another day.

so there it is.
a few projects.
a few transformations.

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