Friday, April 20, 2012

week one

are you tired of reading about my dieting?
i'm just as tired of having to do them.
trust me.
but with spring here and summer around the corner
something must be done.
so i reverted back to my college days
and the one thing that worked for me.
my parents bought the book when they
were each told they had high cholesterol
and we all went on the diet together.
that was back in 2006.
and mostly, i've kept it off.
but since last august i have put on 9 lbs.
and been trying my darndest to pretend it's not there.
but last friday i hit a wall.
and decided it was time.
and so i started.

i've said this before
and i believe it to be true:
the universe actually prefers me to be fat.
i'm not kidding.
most nights i have to beg ronnie to get ice cream.
last saturday, i come home and there was a
smores concrete in the freezer for me.
son of a bitch.
i tossed it down the drain.
and proceeded to define the word 'supportive' to ol' ronaldo.
on monday we got a brand new stock of mini candy bars at work.
reese's, snickers, peanut M&Ms, kit kat, you name it.
and then, on tuesday, a coworker treated us to ice cream.
i put mine in the freezer and brought it home for ronnie.
of course, i knew it would be hard, but come on.
free desserts everywhere i turn? not fair.
instead i've been trying to do this:
no carbs, no fruit, no sugar, no dairy and no alcohol.
you are left with lots of protein and veggies.
of course i cheated.
i put ranch and cheese on my salads.
and i had a glass of wine.
so sue me.

i get to add more things back into my diet as the weeks go by
but i feel like if i can keep this up
and add a little exercise
i could maybe, possibly be ready for the dreaded S word:

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and as of this morning,
with one week under my belt,
i have lost 4 lbs.
thank god.

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