Wednesday, April 25, 2012

fading away

i wear a lot of black.
in fact, in college, most of the time you would either find me in
a delta zeta t-shirt or a black shirt.
i didn't really feel the need to expand my color palette
and so to this day i have one drawer just for my black shirts.
i'm glad to say that over the years, i have decided that
color is not the enemy and added to my wardrobe,
but still,
black is my best friend.

however, i don't want to buy all new black shirts every year.
and it's the quickest color to fade.
so i was trying to figure out how to salvage
a whole drawer full of clothes that was fading fast.
enter, RIT.
it's a fabric dye that you can put in your washing machine.
i bought two boxes of black at hobby lobby
and decided to give it a try.

i used the hottest water cycle
with the coldest rinse.

i only did about 4 or 5 shirts,
all cotton or cotton blend.

and all the directions are on the inside of the box.

everything turned out perfect.

in fact, i threw some old shoes that i love
but had turned into my old paint shoes
and were basically gray.
use your magnify glass and you can spot them from this old pic:

and now, back to black. yay!

i still have my second box of RIT for my sweaters,
but i'm putting that off since winter is o.v.e.r.

oh and ps - don't forget to do another cycle
with nothing in your washer but detergent and bleach
to rinse out all the dye before you add any other clothes. 

hope you can salvage some of your black (or any other color) too! 

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